Frank Fluckiger: The Constitution Party is on the Move!

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August 16, 2013 at 9:41am

Dear Friend of the Constitution Party:

As a follow-up to last month’s report, our new Constitution Party newsletter features two very different but important articles.

First, our outstanding candidate for Congress in the Eighth District of Missouri’s special election tells why he ran and what happened along the campaign trail. Doug Enyart is blunt. He notes that it’s not easy to carry the Constitution Party flag in an election: resources are hard to come by, more volunteers are always needed, and it’s a struggle to get noticed by the media. But Doug’s story is different: yes, the electioneering was tough, but he had hundreds of yard signs, was invited to a TV debate with all the candidates (there were four), and earned over 3.6 percent of the vote — more than double than what the Libertarian Party nominee received.

What’s even better, is that Doug is still on the front lines — he now serves as Missouri’s Eighth District Constitution Party Chairman. He knows there are at least 1800 prospects, voters who supported his candidacy, as he canvasses for Party allies and members. That’s an excellent reason for anyone to consider running for office on the Constitution Party line.

And speaking of prospects, our National Communications Director gives an overview of how Facebook can be a useful tool in educating and motivating patriots. I urge you to read Karen Murray’s article and contact her about how you can become a more effective Constitutionalist by using Facebook. Donations specifically earmarked for Facebook ads — just $20, $30, or $40 — can be very effective in getting our message broadcast far and wide. You may give to our Facebook campaign using this link.

And there is progress to report — even in off years, the Constitution party’s activities go full speed:


• On January 31, 2013, the Ohio Secretary of State designated the Constitution Party as an official “minor party,” with ballot access provisions including, a “minimum number of signatures for candidates [being] one-half the minimum number of signatures required for candidates of major political parties.”


• In April, municipal elections were held in Illinois and the state affiliate of the Constitution Party elected its first officeholder in the party’s history. Phil Collins was elected Libertyville Township Trustee.


• It is an off year, but elections are being held. For example, in November we have a Constitution Party candidate for sheriff in New Jersey.


The Constitution Party is on the move. That’s because we have the financial support of grassroots patriots like you. Contributions of $25, $50, $100 or even $500 are the lifeblood of our work.

I hope you will read our August newsletter and then take a moment to support the Constitution Party with a donation of $20, $40, $75, or whatever you can afford. This year, 2013, the Constitution Party faces important political battles. The time to join the fight is now.



Frank Fluckiger

National Chairman






6 thoughts on “Frank Fluckiger: The Constitution Party is on the Move!

  1. David

    We don’t count non-partisan elections. Libertarians have plenty of non-partisan wins. 3rd parties have to do better at getting those partisan wins.

  2. Peter Gemma

    The LP seems proud of its members who have been elected to non-partisan offices. The opening line of the section “Elected Officials” on their website reads:
    “Nationwide, there are 141 Libertarians holding elected offices: 38 partisan offices, and 103 nonpartisan offices.”
    It then lists all elected LPers, regardless of whether they won partisan or non-partisan office.

  3. Andy

    This is great news that the Constitution Party is on the move. Now if they can only move to pay the petition circulators who got stiffed last year after working to place Constitution Party candidates on the ballot…

  4. johnO

    Isn’t the only CP House (Senate) win Rick Jore in Montana? He was a State Rep. I don’t think the CP has won another state rep, senate, gov, or high ranking position. Rick Jore was also an ex-Republican as well. The track record is thin. Tom Tancredo had a shot for Governor, and that really would’ve been a breakthrough for CP, but he went back to Republicans. The CP should be doing much better than these two examples.

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