IPR’s 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Preference Poll

The following is the first official Independent Political Report poll concerning the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.

The only individuals included in this poll are those who are either officially running for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination or have expressed interest in running for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.

For more information on the individuals included, links to their respective campaign websites or wikipedia biographies are provided below:

Thank you for participating. The poll is now closed.  Results will be posted shortly.

92 thoughts on “IPR’s 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Preference Poll

  1. Will

    I voted for Milnes.

    It would be very good for the party to have primaries with Johnson and Ventura. As a Green, I absolutely hope this does not happen.

    Really I’d like them give it to Phillies though.

    I think I ranked you 4th Warren.

  2. Boston Tea Party

    Of course the female Libertarian Presidential candidate is left out of IPR’s poll!

  3. Reality Watch

    I gave NOTA the #2 spot, but I want to include the proviso that a NOTA ticket should not mean a stand-down, but rather entail the LP filing slates of electors with “NONE OF THE ABOVE” on the top of the ticket, and litigating against any totalitarian states that refuse to put that ticket on the ballot.

  4. David

    Well maybe Jim Libertarian Burns could change his name to None of The Above. But then we’d still have the VP to worry about.

  5. Thomas L. Knapp

    We should have an option for “amend the Constitution to have the US ruled by a junta consisting of current and former members of the Rolling Stones, to be replaced as they die by random selection from among the performers and production staff who assisted them in recording Exile on Main Street.”

    Just sayin’, I think it would be the clear winner.

  6. William Saturn Post author

    To ensure the integrity of the poll, please do not vote more than once. We want accurate results. If anyone has voted more than once, please notify me so that I can remove the duplicate vote.

    If more than one vote is cast from the same IP address, I will remove the vote upon final tally, unless I am given reason as to why this may be occurring.

    If you wish to notify me of any of the above, please contact me at wssaturn@gmail.com.

    Thank you.

  7. NewFederalist

    I voted by listing the names in order as I assumed the poll wanted but for the overall question I voted NOTA. No offense to any of the listed candidates but my number one choice was not listed. Therefore I went with NOTA for the last question.

  8. NewFederalist

    @19… Judge Andrew Napolitano with Judge Jim Gray for Veep. Think of how biblical that is if they co-author a political campaign book… The Book of Judges! Whoa!

  9. William Saturn Post author

    I also changed the link for Milnes to ThePLASPlace, which has become his primary 2016 campaign site.

  10. Trent Hill

    Interested to see the results of the poll.

    There are likely two votes from my IP, but it’s from two different people. If you need to remove in order to ensure integrity, that’s ok.

    Johnson and Gray are my first choices, then NOTA. Judge Napolitano would be a VERY wise choice, as NF has pointed out.

  11. William Saturn Post author

    I trust you Trent, but there’s another IP that voted twice. If that individual wants to explain why two votes came from his IP, he can do so here or e-mail me. Otherwise, I will delete the latest vote.

  12. Rich

    I still think it’s way too early to be reading the LP presidential tea leaves, but a good poll. A few people I’ve never heard of and a couple surprise names I think are worthy of consideration.

    I hope we see some breakout state-level campaigns next year and bring some competition to the nomination by experienced, well-spoken candidates who know how to organize a team.

  13. Andy

    Trent Hill said: “Judge Napolitano would be a VERY wise choice, as NF has pointed out.”

    Andrew Napolitano would be the best choice mentioned so far, but who knows if he is even interested in seeking the LP nomination, or in running for President at all. He could be a great candidate if he were though.

    Here’s a ticket I’d like to see for the LP in 2016: Andrew Napolitano for President and Jesse Ventura for Vice President.

  14. Gary Odom

    Thomas Knapp, I saw the Stones in LA in 1972 (the first tour with Mick Taylor). I can’t believe anyone on these pages is old enough to really appreciate those times. Schmitz/Anderson, birth of the Libertarian Party, Watergate, McGovern, the Stones tour, John Lennon singing “Woman is the Nigger of the World” on the Dick Cavett Show. An interesting year…not by any means equal to 1968, but interesting nonetheless.

  15. Rich

    Nap would need to change his style to run for Prez. He’d likely be better in the VP spot.
    There is a Draft Nap effort started, and he’s aware of it. Not sure who’s running it or if it’s a GOP vehicle.

  16. Thomas L. Knapp


    What you need to understand is that there’s no such thing as a bad Stones song. Not even “Emotional Rescue.” They’re all good, most of them are great, and a few are the best.

  17. Thomas L. Knapp

    I confuse neither the Stones nor the Who with the Beatles.

    One time, however, when drunk, I did mistake Roger Daltrey for Robert Plant. Fortunately it’s impossible to mistake Pete Townsend for Jimmy Page.

  18. Andy

    “Thomas L. Knapp // Aug 15, 2013 at 6:47 pm


    I know bandwidth, storage and domain names are cheap these days, but not nearly cheap enough to stop that from being an insane waste of money.”

    This self-deprecating humor deserves an LOL!

  19. Andy

    “Concerned Libertarian Citizen // Aug 15, 2013 at 10:23 pm

    Led Zeppelin’s only really good song is ‘Stairway to Heaven’.”

    I can’t say that I agree with you here. They had lots of good songs.

    Here’s one that has long been one of my favorites that was never released on one of their original studio albums, but was a B side to a single:

    Hey Hey What Can I Do


  20. Reality Watch

    Back in 1965 or so, Keith Richards kinda looked like George Harrison. From some angles.

  21. bruce a smith

    @32. Before voting Libertarian the balance of my life. I voted Schmitz/Anderson in 72. Heady dazes indeed. Kids today do not realize what they missed out on. Some good. Some not so good. We were going to change the world. Heady dazes indeed.

  22. Melty

    Will the rating section (part 2) be simply added up, n maybe expressed in percentages or something? …or is it gonna go through some elaborate algorithm?

    I think it’s great that you chose to do Range5, and a rating method, and Plurality Voting. It’ll be interesting to compare results.

  23. Melty

    I mean, the easiest thing you could do with the part 2 data would probly be to just add up everything and say the guy with lowest score wins, like in golf. But one might give percentages of first choices, second choices, or the like with it.

  24. William Saturn Post author

    The poll will close on Monday (one week). Results will be revealed next week.

  25. Thane Eichenauer

    “Mike Kane // Aug 15, 2013 at 10:30 pm

    I wouldn’t mind if this guy was the presidential nominee.”

    I am sure that running a campaign for president would take away from time writing more books and presentations at future Porc Fests. Moreover I imagine a campaign could only stain his credibility as a historical truth teller. I vote against Thaddeus Russell for President.

  26. Andy

    Since Tom Blanton posted a video from a Led Zepplin cover band, here’s another one, this time an all female Led Zepplin cover band called Zepparella. This is Zepparella doing Led Zepplin’s version of “When The Levee Breaks”. I said Led Zepplin’s version because “When The Levee Breaks” is actually a cover of a blues song by Kansas Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie from 1929 (I had to look this one up on Wikipedia). Anyway, here is Zepparella:


  27. johnO

    Not one Libertarian Women 🙁 ;( . I think Jill P. or Carla H. should also be on this list. 😉

  28. William Saturn Post author

    Has any Libertarian woman announced her candidacy or expressed interest in the 2016 Libertarian Party presidential nomination?

  29. Pendulum~~

    Gave my vote to NOTA . Notice Duensing as well as my other choices are not on this poll. Do we have a total tally from the last poll yet ?

  30. Reality Watch

    I agree Duensing should be on the list. The one advantage of a nobody candidate is his freedom to discuss important issues censored by the status quo establishment. 9/11 is the most fundamental liberty issue of the century. A nobody candidate who refuses to confront it is doubly useless!

  31. Joe Wendt

    In unrelated news, the Florida Libertarian primary has expanded to 3 candidates. Steve LaBianca has announced his intentions to run for Governor as a Libertarian on the LibertarianSolutions page:


    The Libertarian Primary is officially heating up. Although I am a JWS supporter, it’s nice to know that there are others who want create a competitive primary.

  32. Andy

    “johnO // Aug 18, 2013 at 2:05 pm

    Not one Libertarian Women 🙁 ;( .”

    The fact of the matter is that there are a lot more men in the Libertarian Party than there are women.

    “I think Jill P. or Carla H. should also be on this list. ;)”

    Have either of them even expressed an interest in running?

    I asked Carla Howell a few years ago if she was interested in running for President and she said no.

  33. Andy

    “Warren Redlich // Aug 18, 2013 at 11:29 am

    I offer up my finest moment as a libertarian.”

    Good clip.

  34. Gary Johnson Needs You !

    Why bother ? The nomination WILL BE taken (hy-jacked) by a real politician in the end.

    Has the Judge Neo EVER gave one penny to the LP ? I doubt it !

    A Perry/Burns ticket would be a “purists” DREAM TEAM…..

    I can’t believe George Phillies plans to spend money again on a NO WIN ordeal….

    Miss Joy is the female who seeks the LP POTUS nom. each cycle……

  35. Jed Siple

    Voted for Gary Johnson, but my #1 choice is Andrew Napolitano, with Peter Schiff as his running mate.

  36. Pendulum~~

    As I expressed in the previous thread It would be interesting to see Jim Duensing run. From what I know of him he is a Passionate man when it comes to issues that people are afraid to bring up in the party. to quote from a previous posting “Duensing is unafraid to talk about 9/11 truth, and I’m pretty sure he’s criticized the Zionist lobby. Plus, he’s been involved in the Boston Tea Party, all pluses in my book. ” my votes would go to Duensing, Wrights,perry . Does anyone know if he has plans to run in 2016 ? The web site that was listed seems out dated or at least the picture .

  37. Pendulum~~

    @68 Reality Watch My exact reason for supporting Duensing . Why put support behind someone who fears important issues. If that was the case I would back any republican or Democrat running.

  38. NewFederalist

    @79… rather than just dropping that turd in the punchbowl would you care to expound on your statement? It’s really easy to say something negative but quite a bit more difficult to state a reason for your opinion.

  39. Melty

    This poll’s thrilling. …only because no fewer than three different polling methods are employed. Brilliant, Saturn.

  40. William Saturn Post author

    Thank you Melty.

    For those of you who haven’t voted, the poll will close in about three hours.

  41. William Saturn Post author

    Thank you for participating. The poll is now closed. Results will be posted shortly.

  42. Jim Duensing

    @ Pendulum and Reality Watch – Thanks for the support. I have no plans to run for President in 2016, but haven’t ruled it out.

    Politically, I am focused on a local run for Prosecutor in 2014. The website for that is not even up. Way too early to be talking about 16. This poll should be focusing on 14 LP Senators or something. Should I win that, it would pretty much take me out of any 2016 run as my term would be 4 years – and I’d need all that time to begin to clean up the justice system here locally.

    BTW, you might be interested to know that I’m running a non-profit organization, Americans Against Pretended Offences, which is dedicated to eradicating the scourge of Pretended Offences from the Land of the Free. http://www.TrafficTicketsAreBullshit.com

    We are helping to coordinate a Jury Rights Day Commemoration in Southern Nevada on Sep 5. Everyone should go to http://www.fija.org and check for an event in your county.

    In Liberty, with Eternal Vigilance,


  43. Reality Watch

    That sounds far more constructive. We don’t really need a Duensing run anyway, as long as we support Gov. Ventura, who is pro-truth.

    We should draft Gov. Ventura even if he doesn’t show up to the convention. If he refuses to campaign, we get the same the same advantages as having an uncommitted NOTA electoral slate.

  44. Melty

    If we’re gonna already be talkin on national elections, we should be talkin 2014. But the fun of this kind of polling is in having more than just a few on the list to choose from. Are there any national elections or primaries comin up with a whole pack o contenders?

  45. Reality Watch

    So several hours ago i saw a headline about Ventura winning (or maybe just placing?) in this thing. Then the article disappeared.

  46. Reality Watch

    I’m hoping we will get a listing of who wins by 1) plurality vote, 2) instant-runoff voting and 3) top-two runoff .

  47. Reality Watch

    Ventura has stellar 9/11 crednetials. He’s willing to get in to the whole classified weaponry aspect.

    I hope that as a local prosecutor you intend on prosecuting Area 51 scientists who collaborated in the destruction of the WTC.

  48. Melty

    @88 Hey Mr. Watch. To do a top-two runoff, another vote, a top-two runoff vote, would hafta be held.
    You will obviously get the plurality vote you’re looking for, Watch. Myself, I’m most interested in how all this’ll compare with the range vote that’s forthcoming.

  49. Reality Watch

    @91 — Not really, not with all this data collected. You just see who the top two finishers are and then assign each vote depending on which of the two ranked higher in each voter’s preference.

    (As opposed to an IRV result, which would be derived by eliminating one candidate at a time and recounting the votes after each round. Here you eliminate 14 candidates at once and calculate only once more.)

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