Letter to Members of Reform Party of North Carolina

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Greetings from the Reform Party of North Carolina,

My name is Nicholas Hensley. I am the current Communications Director of the Reform Party National Committee and Lead Organizer of the Reform Party of North Carolina. I am sending this email to inform the local membership about current events and activities.

I am leading the effort to rebuild the Reform Party affiliate in North Carolina. Currently we are unregistered, and need on person to volunteer to serve as treasurer before we are able to register with the state. After we find an interim treasurer, we can raise money to hold a state convention and begin building local organizations.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, the Reform Party and Modern Whig Party are backing Lee Sowers for Charlotte City Council District 1. He is looking for volunteers and holding an organizational meeting on Tuesday August 20th via teleconference. The phone number to join the teleconference is (605) 475-4700 and the access code is 847354#.

On the national level, this week we opened a new merchandise store through Queensboro. It offers approximately twenty items with prices ranging from $14.95 to $42.21. If you wish to browse our selection, you can visit the store at http://reformparty.qbstores.com.

If you have any questions or wish to know more about the Reform Party of North Carolina, it is possible to visit the national website at www.reformparty.org or email Nick Hensley atncreformparty@yahoo.com.


Nicholas Hensley
Lead Organizer
Reform Party NC

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