Louisiana Libertarian Party Wins a Partisan Election by Default

From Ballot Access News, August 17, 2013: 

Louisiana holds local partisan elections on October 19, 2013. Filing has already closed. Gregory King, a registered Libertarian, is the only candidate who filed for Justice of the Peace, ward 3, in Lincoln Parrish. In Louisiana, when only one candidate files for an office, the election is canceled and so King has been elected. Thanks to Randall Hayes for this news.

The Louisiana LP has been growing and faring well recently. Their results for U.S. House last year:

ited States House of Representatives elections in Louisiana, 2012[2][3]
Party Votes Percentage Seats +/–
Republican 1,143,027 67.02% 5 -1
Democratic 359,190 21.06% 1
Libertarian 124,572 7.30% 0
Independents 78,828 4.62% 0
Totals 1,705,617 100.00% 6


One candidate, Randall Ford, who ran against an incumbent Republican in the fourth district, received 24.7% of the vote.

10 thoughts on “Louisiana Libertarian Party Wins a Partisan Election by Default

  1. Trent Hill

    NewFed, the LALP is not capable of running a full slate anywhere.

    This was a case of someone, Randall Hayes I believe, doing their research to see what offices had not been filed for–and then finding someone to file for them.

  2. Cody Quirk

    Interesting, my state party won a nonpartisan race last year the same way; he was the only candidate that filed too!

  3. Wes Wagner

    We have a stretch goal of running a full slate in Oregon this year.

    That is 60 Oregon House candidates, 15 Oregon Senate Candidates, 5 US House, 1 Senator and 1 governor candidate.

    Last year we had 26, so this is quite a stretch goal … but what does this have to do with the article?

    In addition to all of our major offices, we are making sure to include all the small partisan offices to the ballot this year, so people, much like Randall Hayes (CONGRATS!) can do their research and at the last minute write themselves in and potentially take seats for positions like county commissioner in smaller counties (by population).

    I encourage every state that can nominate by certificate to consider migrating to mail-ballot primaries if they can. More candidates = larger slates = more chance of some lucky wins in addition to any hard fought ones.

  4. Miguel Irizarry

    Wow! Maybe this is how the LP can gain a State House Seat, U.S. Senate seat, heck maybe even President of the United States! The LP can make it just yet, who’d a thunk it?

  5. NewFederalist

    @8… I understand your sarcasm but with the number of minor partisan offices that go unopposed every election cycle it really is a good strategy to develop a track record in office. People withdraw after deadlines or move out of the district for job related reasons all the time. Nothing wrong with working smart as well as hard.

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