LP.org: Will record low approval ratings for Democrats and Republicans mean more Libertarian votes?

Posted on lp.org on July 29, 2013

Libertarian Party Executive Director Carla Howell on PressTVRepublicans and Democrats have a stranglehold on the U.S. political system, and the media helps them maintain their power, said Libertarian Party director Carla Howell in an interview with PressTV last week. By supporting the Libertarian Party and its candidates, voters can reject the the astronomical taxes, spending, debt, and regulations that both Democrat and Republican politicians almost consistently support.

Howell’s full comments to PressTV are quoted below:

Dissatisfaction with Big Government politicians is nothing new. The only reason they’re still in office today is because incumbents and the mainstream media have manipulated voters into believing that they must vote for the “lesser of two evils,” between a Big Government Democrat or a Big Government Republican. But 99 percent of the time, their voting records are virtually the same. Voting for one or the other serves only to keep us stuck with Big Government, high taxes, stifling regulations, millions of lost jobs, failed and dangerous prohibitions, endless meddling overseas, and gargantuan government and personal debt.

But now it’s reaching a point where Americans may see beyond this manipulation, and reject wholesale the Democratic and Republican duopoly. They can achieve this by ignoring biased media coverage, especially any political debates that exclude legitimate, ballot-qualified candidates, and by voting Libertarian — or, where there is no liberty candidate on the ballot — by writing in a Libertarian or “None of the Above.” Libertarians pledge to dramatically cut taxes, end deficit spending, and downsize Big Government, which will result in unprecedented economic growth, millions of new private-sector jobs, and stabilization of the dollar.

The Libertarian Party, LP.org, and Libertarian candidates offer voters a way to reverse the dangerous direction that Congress and the president are leading us in, and restore this country to peace and prosperity.

14 thoughts on “LP.org: Will record low approval ratings for Democrats and Republicans mean more Libertarian votes?

  1. Steve M

    Press TV is of course “Iran’s television network, broadcasting in English round-the-clock. Based in Tehran.” Take it with a heavy dose of skepticism.

  2. Reality Watch

    Howell blew it by not stressing more on peace & nonintervention. Know your audience.

  3. Thomas L. Knapp

    PressTV often interviews dissident/gadfly American politicos.

    So does Russia Today, which is also state media.

    American state media (Voice of America, PBS, et. al), not so much.

  4. Steven Wilson

    The congressional approval rating has been low for a long time now. No victories in that time. The tea party is strong in some states but nationally it seems to be faltering.

    Marketing statistics can be tailored if you impact the total number or you purposely enter into a sales domain already aware of the outcomes.

  5. NewFederalist

    “Protest is our purpose. Run as a Republican or Democrat if you’re a “winner”. Add it up. Add it up . . .”

    Very true. The LP is like the Socialist Party of Eugene V. Debs during the period of 1900 through 1932 (roughly). Few victories but influence out of proportion to their numbers.

  6. Steve M

    @6 the headline is “US media keep politicians in power: Howell” and the publisher is well connected with the Iranian Government that used thugs to put down demonstrations in 2009 against a very likely crooked election for their President.

    Thus a similar headline might read “Iranian Media not needed to Keep politicians in Power, The Basij do it.”

  7. Robert Capozzi

    6 gp: @1 I see no reason not to find Howell’s statements on PressTV as believable as her statements on any other outlet.

    me: Classic Pot. Kettle. Black? Unrepentant FEC Narc questions OTHER individual’s believability?


  8. Nicholas Sarwark

    @11: Try learning to read. There’s no questioning of Carla Howell’s believability in Dr. Phillies’ post. He’s making the uncontroversial statement that the interviewer has no bearing on the credibility of the interviewee.

    But well done on riding your hobbyhorse into an unrelated thread.

  9. robert capozzi

    NS, are you absolutely SURE that’s what that highly oblique statement means?

    My guess is many English profs would give that double-negative, evasive statement a D.

    Then, again, I could be unable to process such a literary masterpiece that the Unrepentant NarcMeister has chosen to share with the community. My bad if my reading comprehension fails.

  10. paulie

    The LP is like the Socialist Party of Eugene V. Debs during the period of 1900 through 1932 (roughly).

    The LP is striving to be as influential as the Socialist Party was in that time period, and we have quite a bit of work to get there…but it’s a far more achievable goal than becoming a major party.

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