Major Donation Given to Lee Wrights for Governor Campaign

Lee Wrights, who is currently exploring a Libertarian Party run for Texas Governor

Originally published August 5, 2013 on

Major Donation Received By Wrights for Texas Governor

An offer of considerable support prompted Lee Wrights to follow Texas Ethics Committee guidelines by establishing a committee and bank account so we could legally collect donations.

These actions have enabled us to humbly accept a generous donation of $7,000from the Libertarian Action Super PAC (LASPAC)!

Wes Benedict, President, Libertarian Action Super PAC, had this to say about the donation…

Libertarian Action Super PAC (LASPAC) was proud to support both Gary Johnson and Lee Wrights as they sought the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President in 2012. After Gary Johnson won the nomination, LASPAC supported his campaign with promotional materials and advertisements. With the presidential campaign over, LASPAC is closing down and distributing remaining funds to the Lee Wrights’ campaign for Texas Governor, and to Gary Johnson’s Our America Initiative. It’s great to see these two men continue the fight for liberty.”

It is our hope and desire that this significant donation will “prime the pump” and inspire others to give the best donation they possibly can.

It takes serious money to conduct a serious campaign. Lee Wrights issued the following statement regarding this simple fact…

It looks like it is time to consider another campaign. The great state of Texas is calling. I hear the Libertarians here are serious about making me their serious choice for governor in 2014. Well, it is time to see just how serious everyone is. That is why I have okayed steps to move forward on raising money for a possible run for Governor in 2014.  The campaign will have a campaign account and I have appointed a campaign Treasurer. I look forward to a report soon from Thomas Hillconcerning these first fundraising efforts and how successful they have been. This response is going to help me determine whether I will pursue the run or not.

So, tell me… how much do you want me to run?”

Help me show Lee the level of support he deserves so we can run a campaign the fine folks in Texas deserve!

Please go to to donate on-line or find instructions for sending checks and money orders.

In Liberty,

Thomas Hill

62 thoughts on “Major Donation Given to Lee Wrights for Governor Campaign

  1. Wes Wagner

    I would send a donation, but the last time I gave Wrights a donation AFTER the judicial committee had already made its decision, I was accused of influence peddling and Wrights was accused of corruption.

    Knowing that I have the latest bagmen in all of libertarian party politics, Wrights should expect the money to arrive after the election.

    (I am just being flippant, I will actually send a donation at some point)

  2. Steve M


    I didn’t realize you were shy about confrontations… I do have to wander up I5 one of these days to an Oregon LP event. I am jotting down a note to remind me to bring a Wright For Gov envelope when I do.

  3. Wes Wagner

    Steve M @6

    Do come and visit. Pick a second Wednesday of any month that is not august (which we are doing 3rd Wednesday) … that is when we have our larger social gathering in downtown Portland. Bring two envelopes … I know someone else who is usually good for a donation to active candidates.

  4. Concerned Libertarian Citizen

    @9 The Newt Gingrich draft effort is over. I am now focused on drafting Ross Perot, Jr. for Texas governor. We need a functional candidate and he is as functional as they come. Plus he’s a real Texan, not a carpetbagging yankee hobo.

  5. Reality Watch

    @11 — Why would you try to draft Perot Jr for TexGov instead of John Mackey?

    (I agree there should be a non-hobo candidate in the mix.)

  6. Concerned Libertarian Citizen

    I don’t know who John Mackey is. I looked up his bio and he seems like a functional candidate, but Perot has victory in the blood. Name recognition will be key. Whereas Mackey may get a good percentage in the election, Perot can win!

    Wrights? As Mr. Andy said, find a homeless man, take him to the local goodwill, buy him a cheap suit, and you got Lee Wrights.

  7. Antirevolutionary

    Do you even know anything about Ross Perot’s politics? What if he turns liberal like one of Ronald Reagan’s sons did? Not saying he did, but he hasn’t been that active.

  8. Andy

    Concerned Libertarian Citizen said: “Plus he’s a real Texan, not a carpetbagging yankee hobo.”

    Wrights is from North Carolina, so he’s not a Yankee.

  9. Andy

    “Concerned Libertarian Citizen // Aug 7, 2013 at 2:50 am

    I don’t know who John Mackey is.”

    He’s the guy who started Whole Foods. He claims to be a libertarian, and he donated money to Gary Johnson for President.

    He sounds good on paper, but I’m a bit leery about him due to the fact that after being contacted by several Libertarian Party members on several occasions about granting approval for petition circulators to gather ballot access petition signatures in front of Whole Foods stores, he refused to grant approval. This may not sound like a big deal to a lot of people, but it is a big deal, because it is difficult in most states to find places with adequate foot traffic necessary for asking people to sign ballot access petitions. If you don’t get enough signatures on your petition, you do not make the ballot. Note that petitioners regularly petition in front of grocery stores in the few states where it is required by law for people to be able to gather petition signatures or register people to vote in places where the public has access, and that there are a few stores that will grant permission to do this in states where this right is not recognized (although the majority of stores will not grant permission, so in these cases it is either try to find another place to do hit and run, as in get signatures there until you get kicked out, and then go somewhere else). This situation was explained to John Mackey by several people and he acted like he did not care. This shows me that Mackey is a libertarian lite, or a Nerf libertarian. He’s the kind of guy who will sit back and talk about liberty, but he does not have the balls or care enough to actually put it into practice.

    This past summer a couple of petitioners who were working on the Gary Johnson petition in Alabama tried to petition at a Whole Foods in the Birmingham area and they both got run off. We got enough signatures to get Gary Johnson on the ballot in spite of this, but it is theoretically possible that the signatures that could have be obtained in front of Whole Foods could have been a difference maker in making the ballot or not making the ballot. I wonder if John Mackey would have cared if Gary Johnson had failed to make the ballot in Alabama, but that he would not have failed if petitioners had been able to gather signatures in front of Whole Foods.

  10. Reality Watch

    @18 — It sounds like Mackey was putting liberty into practice by exercising his property rights.

    Whole Food is a health food store. If Mackey granted free petition space to the libertarians, he’d have to start entertaining petition requests from every commie nutball group out there. So he keeps it about the food.

  11. Andy

    “Reality Watch // Aug 7, 2013 at 6:37 am

    @18 — It sounds like Mackey was putting liberty into practice by exercising his property rights.”

    This falsely assumes that every Whole Foods store is actually legitimate private property, and that Whole Foods legitimately operates on free market principles.

    I researched this issue, and I found out that there are quite a few Whole Foods stores that are built on land that was seized by government via eminent domain. Remember that eminent domain is supposed to be for public use. I also found out that many of – or maybe even all of – the shopping centers where Whole Foods stores are located received some type of tax payer funds. Another interesting thing that I found out is that there are a lot of government entities which own stock in Whole Foods. You see, there are these things called Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports which show all of the assets held by government entities such as government employee pension funds, school districts, water districts, port authorities, toll authorities, etc…, and these government entities all have lot of money invested into things such as corporate stocks and bonds and real estate (there are actually shopping centers / malls out there that are 100% owned by government through shell corporations).

    Also, Whole Foods is a corporation, and corporations are legal fictions created by the state to grant special privileges to the share holders, including limited liability protection. There are several court cases where the rulings came out that corporations can not suppress free speech (see Marsh vs. Alabama or the Pruneyard Shopping Center vs. Robins case from California).

    These shopping centers, including Whole Foods stores, are all government connected corporations. The public is free to come and go there. So people should not have to give up their rights when they enter the Whole Foods parking lot.

    All of these facts were explained to Mr. Marckey, as was the importance of being able to get Libertarian Party candidates on the ballot, and he acted like he did not care. This is what I’d call a fair weather “friend” of liberty.

    “Whole Food is a health food store. If Mackey granted free petition space to the libertarians, he’d have to start entertaining petition requests from every commie nutball group out there. So he keeps it about the food.”

    Petition circulators regularly petition in front of grocery stores in California, Washington, Colorado, and Massachusetts, because there are legal rulings in those states that are generally backed up by the police (I say generally, because the police don’t always follow the law). It is really not a big problem.

    I don’t see this as being an example of Mr. Mackey exercising his rights, I see it as an example of him being an ass.

  12. NewFederalist

    NewFederalist // Jul 11, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    Why all the venom regarding a candidate who won’t win anyway? If Lee carries the libertarian message clearly to whomever will listen I don’t care if he has a Brooklyn accent! Why would it matter if he is not a “Native Texan”?

    Now read this again and try to understand the context. I did not say he had a Brooklyn accent but only that it should make no difference if he was a “Native Texan” if he carried the libertarian message. I didn’t even remember that he is a North Carolina native until some one brought it up. Like I said, I don’t know him. (Personally, I don’t like Brooklyn accents!)

  13. Steven Wilson

    The main issue with this kind of cap n campaign is that those that donate and find out the level was not reached are going to be gun shy about helping others.

    It is also going to keep future candidates from entering is they themselves fail to get money situated for a campaign.

    It is a safe and mature move on Wrights part, but at the same time in can backfire in future campaigns for Libertarians.

    I would treat it as a media plan for a client.

    X goes to niche magazines
    Y goes to radio M_F drive time morning
    Z goes to event planning

    Just a blind statement about wanting “serious” money is too abstract. Clarity is called for.

  14. Thomas Hill

    @30 The clarity will come. Until the first donation came in, basicly it had been just me encouraging Lee’s campaign.

    Other than the opinions and pledges of future support from Lee’s friends and past suppoers, it has been just me pushing the potential campaign.

    I started the Facebook page. I got the modest website up and started. I set up the Paypal account, etc.

    In other words, I had the faith in Lee when he said he would give it thoughtful consideration. I had the faith in the numerous friends and past supporters of Lee said they would give money to help.

    I had the faith to commit hours and hours of my own time since January of this year exploring the options of Wrights running for Governor.

    I hope others have enough faith in Lee Wrights, his track record and his word, to show him the support he will need to run a top flight campaign.

    I arrived in Texas yesterday after driving straight through from the Chicago area. We are just getting started.

    One of the first things we are doing is having a professional website devoped. That should happen within a week or so.

    I am building a core campaign team and I will be meeting with top activists in the Austin area in the coming days so stay tuned.

    The clarity is on the way…

    Thomas Hill
    Campaign Manager, Wrights 2014

  15. Steve M

    I am under the belief that it is hobos that traditionally hid behind nick names…. CLC probably knows more about this then I.

  16. Steve M

    ohh libertarians don’t take our money…. that tends to be the other political parties… at most libertarians ask for money and we decide whether or not to give it. I know about my financial position and I am pretty sure about George Phillies, That we give what we can can to whom we like and it doesn’t really impact our net worth’s significantly. I can understand why others more economically challenged think that political donations are not frugal but they probably don’t have much to start with.

  17. Concerned Libertarian Citizen

    Hey Steve, I asked you a question about interfering in Texas politics. I really don’t care how you spend your money. But it’s a shame to waste by encouraging more panhandling by Wrights. It’s also an opportunity waste because there are many functional candidates that would not embarrass the party and could win the election.

  18. Steve M

    CLC aren’t you interfering by discouraging others from participating? Really win? ok who is on your list that should be funded…. lets hear you talk positive for a change?

  19. Steve M

    Actually you didn’t ask me you asked Steve Wilson…. he and I are separate individuals.

  20. Concerned Libertarian Citizen

    We should work to draft Ross Perot Jr. He is an actual Texan and a billionaire. He is very libertarian and can spread the message. Watch the video of him talking about limited government on my treatise part I.

  21. Steve M

    so you don’t have a candidate that is running? and the one you want made his money how?

  22. Steve M

    why would a billionaire need my cash or the cash of anyone else? Why would a hobo candidate be a threat to a self financed candidate?

  23. Steve M

    CLC the Libertarians are actually running candidates… and you are selling a non-candidate… You haven’t answered my question about why you think a hobo…. and I am wondering if you aren’t a hobo yourself… is a threat to your non running candidate?

  24. Steve M

    the odds of losing the California power bowl lottery are…

    6/59 * 5/58 * 4/57 *3/56 * 2/55*1/54 over 45 million to 1.

    But to have that 1 in 45 million to win you have to buy a ticket… your candidate hasn’t bought a ticket.

    So as much as you bad mouth other candidates…. they are in the game….

    Please play again.

  25. Steve M


    “If you are too stupid to understand what I am saying, it’s not worth my time. I already answered your question and so now you’re starting to annoy me.”

    I am annoying you? TFB….

  26. George Phillies

    @38 I shall piously hope that you are right that I am in the middle of my aging, since that will give me more than six additional decades of trying to rectify the Libertarian Party.

    Perhaps readers here should relaunch the Christian Nationalist Party to send the far right wingers.

  27. robert capozzi

    How many FEC complaints can be filed in 6 decades? Think Nirvana, Heaven and Paradise rolled into one!

  28. Robert Capozzi

    JP, I’d love to never mention it again, actually…that’s my strong preference. GP might have the good sense to acknowledge that his Narcing on his own party could be interpreted as a deeply dysfunctional act, if only as a matter of optics.

    Yet, from what I’ve seen, he still sticking to his story that it was his ONLY option.

    This, of course, is a laughable viewpoint, lacking all credibility. And yet for me GP represents a walking teachable moment. His intransigence and unwillingness to even ENTERTAIN the possibility that he could be perceived as overreacting at minimum, as in a deranged, vengeful, histrionical state of mind when he clicked SEND to the FEC at worst, should be studied by peers as a behavior pattern to avoid.

    The sense of denial that FEC-Gate evokes reminds me of Nixon’s “I am not a crook”. Like Nixon, GP doesn’t seem to get that his denial only makes it worse. This is a lesson we all can and should learn from.

  29. Thomas L. Knapp

    RC @ 55,

    “Yet, from what I’ve seen, he still sticking to his story that it was his ONLY option.”

    Might want to see an eye doctor. Not only is not “still sticking to that story,” that’s never been his story.

    You’ve been educated on this more than once. Ignorance stopped being an excuse a long time ago.

  30. Robert Capozzi

    56 tk, hmm, OK. It’s true I don’t recall the NarcMeister’s exact words at the time, but I do recall his saying he filed the request for information because he felt he had no other options.

    I recall myself and I think Holtz pointing out that he could have done nothing or he could have gone to state chairs as 2 options, off the top of my head.

    Instead, he did what he did, and has never to my knowledge acknowledged even the POSSIBILITY that he’d tripped the uncool meter (i.e., done something at minimum inappropriate to the circumstance).

    For the life of me, I can’t imagine why he doesn’t. Does he really think he’s saving face by maintaining his righteous pose? Is it that difficult to admit to a mistake? We all make ’em, after all….

  31. Thomas L. Knapp


    He also never claimed he “felt he had no other options.”

    And in fact he exercised other options before coming to that one.

    Once again, you’ve been educated on this matter multiple times. SOMEONE is “maintaining a righteous pose” in the face of the known facts. It’s not Phillies. It’s you.

  32. Robert Capozzi

    58 tk, yes, of course, GP had exercised a few options in his relentless pursuit of truth (as he sees it). The operative word in my sentence is “no,” as in he’s said he’d exhausted all his other options, such that he felt compelled to file his FEC complaint against the LNC.

    To me and others, he had MORE options to pursue. Since he hasn’t and won’t explain what his thought process was, we can only guess. We can only see the record: LPer files complaint with the FEC against the LNC.

    On its face, that sounds like profoundly poor judgment, a deeply dysfunctional move. Maybe it wasn’t. Maybe GP can justify it.

    We’ve still not heard a plausible explanation. There’s no evidence that I’ve seen that GP thought this move through.

    And that’s OK! People make mistakes all the time. Or maybe it WASN’T a mistake.

    Remaining mum, or deflecting, doesn’t for me put the issue to rest. There’s nothing righteous about my view, I assure you. I’m open minded. Perhaps one day GP can explain the inexplicable….

  33. Thomas L. Knapp

    RC @ 59,

    “We’ve still not heard a plausible explanation.”

    Not sure who this “we” you’re talking about is.

    Just because you have your fingers stuck in your ears and are screeching “LALAIMNOTLISTENING” at the top of your lungs, that does’t mean the rest of us can’t hear.

  34. paulie

    Is CLC any of the things he claims to be in his fake name?

    More likely than not, a citizen. If not of the US then some other nation. Other than that, not so much.

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