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New Jersey Special U.S. Senate Election Will Probably Include Four Candidates

From Ballot Access News, August 13, 2013: 

he October 16, 2013 special election for U.S. Senate in New Jersey will probably only include four candidates. They will be the two winners of the major party primaries being held on August 13, along with two independent candidates. One is Antonio Sabas, whose ballot label is Freedom of Choice. The other will be Edward C. Stackhouse, whose ballot label is “Ed the Barber.”

This is the first U.S. Senate election in New Jersey history with no minor party nominees on the ballot. Generally statewide elections in New Jersey have five or six candidates on the ballot, because the petition requirement is only 800 valid signatures.

In the major party primaries, for the Democratic side, Newark mayor Cory Booker is expected to emerge victorious while Steve Lonegan is the heavy favorite on the Republican side. Frank Cipriani announced his intentions to run as the Libertarian Party candidate, but it is unclear whether he will have submitted enough petition signatures to get on the ballot. The deadline for submitting them is today. – KL 


On the afternoon of August 13, four more independent candidates filed for U.S. Senate in the New Jersey special election. They are:
(1) Stuart Meissner, whose ballot label is “Alimony Reform Now”, submitted 833 signatures
(2) Eugene LaVergne, whose ballot label is “D-R Party”, submitted 864 signatures
(3) Pablo Olivera, whose label is “Unity is Strength”, submitted 996 signatures
(4) Robert DePasquale, who has different labels in different counties, submitted 976 signatures.

New Jersey is the only state in which an independent candidate for statewide office can have different labels in different counties. In some counties DePasquale is using “No Amnesty Period”; in others, “American Citizens First”; and in yet others, “Jobs for Americans.”

If anyone challenges any of these petitions, some of them might not survive. 800 valid signatures are needed. If all of these candidates remain on the ballot, there will be eight candidates.

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  1. Richard Winger Richard Winger August 13, 2013

    Four more candidates filed on the afternoon of the deadline, so now there could be as many as 8 candidates. I have an updated post about this at

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