Reform Party Candidate Carl Person Gains Ballot Access

Reform Party Candidate Carl Person Gains Ballot Access

New York, NY – Reform Party candidate for Mayor, Carl Person, has obtained ballot access. To do so, he was forced to compile twenty one volumes of petitions. His petitions were not challenged.

Carl Person is a self-employed attorney that founded his own firm. He has run for office twice before on the Libertarian ticket. His most recent run for office was in 2012 when he ran in the Libertarian primary for president. In 2010, Carl ran for state Attorney General and finished with 36,000 votes.

He advocates for free, one year, optional IT training for every high school senior and adult. There has been a shortage in IT workers across the nation, and creating such a program to train them, he expects would create a half million jobs in New York City.

Mr. Person proposes plans to help homeowners fight foreclosures, and allow homeowners to defer real-estate taxes to help them modify their loans. He also wants the public transit system to be free, which would save New York residents an estimated average of one thousand dollars per year.

The Reform Party has been working towards making a comeback in recent years. The New York affiliate is one of the stronger and more active affiliates in country. Members hope that a win in this race will allow the party to reemerge as a viable alternative to the Democrats and Republicans.

Carl Person’s Mayoral race is the largest campaign the Reform Party is involved in this year. The Reform Party is also involved in a Charlotte City council race, and is backing William Drummond II in Florida’s Second Congressional District in the 2014 elections.

It is possible to learn more about Carl Person by visiting his website If you would like to know more about the Reform Party, it is possible to visit its website at

6 thoughts on “Reform Party Candidate Carl Person Gains Ballot Access

  1. Mark Axinn

    Carl is a friend and an ally. Although I urge everyone in NYC to vote for Mike Sanchez for Mayor, Carl is the clear second choice.

    Carl advised me this week that he will do his utmost to get third-party candidates included in debates and other events. I wish him well in that.

  2. paulie

    Mark, this thread is pretty old so you may not see this, but if you catch it in recent comments, what do you think of Randy Credico’s current run?

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