Brett Pojunis announces that Libertarian Party of Nevada convention will be held in November

From the Libertarian Party of Nevada Facebook group, September 12, 2013: 


The 2013 Libertarian Party of Nevada State Convention will be held on November 16, 2013 at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Location: Suncoast Hotel and Casino

We will be electing Officers (for 2 year terms) and reviewing/revising Bylaws.

To be credentialed as a Delegate, you must be a Member of the Libertarian Party of Nevada.

From the LPN bylaws:


Section 1. All adult residents of Nevada shall be considered members of the LPN provided they:
A. Are and have been registered as Libertarian in Nevada for a period of not less than 30 days, and continue to be registered as Libertarian,
B. have donated at least Fifty Dollars ($50.00) to the LPN in the past 365 days, of which sum, Twenty-Five ($25.00) will be remitted to the Libertarian Party of the United States of America, and have certified in writing that they oppose the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals.

42 thoughts on “Brett Pojunis announces that Libertarian Party of Nevada convention will be held in November

  1. Jill Pyeatt

    It’s curious that Brett announced the convention. Is Silvestri going to call one of his own, or will he attend this one, and expect to win?

  2. Kris McKinster

    I suspect Mr. Pojunis is just echoing information that was already made public on

    By posting this under his name on a FB group that the current Excomm claims he hijacked (which is a tactic reminiscent of what got the convention postponed in the first place,) one should question what Mr. Pojunis’ true intentions really are.

    I realize a lot of people want Silvestri out, but that doesn’t mean just putting anyone in there who can do pretty graphs and tell everyone what they want to hear.

  3. Steve M

    good point Kris…. yes same location time and date as announced on I wish to retract comment 2. I hope that a fair competition is held and that the will of a large number of delegates rules.

  4. Libertariangirl

    um @ #3 , how should he have posted it, you guys werent going to post it in other places like Comstock Libs( former washoe affiliate or the former LPN FB group or by email or by snailmail or by any other way than the bare essential to qualify following bylaws i.e posting on theLPN website.

    The reason why we sent out emails , phone calls postcards ect last time was the same reason . LPNEVADA DID EXACTLY ZERO OUTREACH PROMOTING THE CONVENTION TO REGISTERED LIBERTARIANS OR ANYONE OUTSIDE OF THEIR INNER CIRCLE. A post on a website is blatantly neglectful regardless of what it technically okays.

    Kris , I KNOW you know howmuch outreach we used to do for conventions. Brett did nothing but what LPN SHOULD HAVE done itself.

    Id like to add cancelling the convention warranted a postcard ,a phonecall ,an email, a twitter post a FB post etc.

    and how much is the fee I see it conveinently missing from your post. and we both know theres gonna be one. nice to see you still towing the line……….

  5. Libertariangirl

    well my bad the announcement was in an email to dues paying members , that covers like 40 people! with you involved again Kris I expect the conventionwill be promoted widely and fairly right?

  6. Revfatsax

    Man, I was just about to post a sarcastic rebuke of Brett for emailing and posting the upcoming convention, and then Tweddle dumb beat me to it and was serious about how mentioning a convention is tantamount to cheating. Tell you what, brainiacs, run against the guy with all the pretty charts and graphs, and if your ideas are better, well, we will see who wins…but quit lobbing grenades from the cover of the Internet, you look like a typical malcontent too lazy to do anything about what you must think is a horrible problem…getting people in office willing to do something. Like I said, save your breathe, and run against him…otherwise, you are just bitching about why you don’t have better ideas to run on.

  7. David Colborne

    As Deb and Kris mentioned, the convention was posted on the web site and advertised via email. Since then, Brett and I – along with undoubtedly a few others I’m not personally aware of – have been advertising the convention further using our personal and professional social networks to help the word get out.

    None of this is unusual or dishonest. We’re just doing what any other dedicated member of an LP affiliate would do when a convention comes up. By the looks of things, it was pretty effective – Jill apparently found out about the convention because of Brett’s post, instead of the original, official channels.

  8. Kris McKinster

    Emailing and posting the upcoming convention is one thing. Misleading people into thinking its your announcement and you’re hosting it is another (see article heading and first two comments.)

    A simple misunderstanding which could have been avoided if Pojunis had posted a link to the source. It’s the ethical thing to do and Pojunis knows better, especially after the debacle with the apology going out to all NV members from National.

    I’m now just a neutral observer who hopes to see a functional LP Nevada, like most everyone else here, like I hope is the case for yourself and Pojunis. I think I missed the part where I have to run for LPNevada Excomm to share an opinion on an article on an independent news site…

    And the problem isn’t a lack of ideas; it’s an over-abundance of ideas and not enough folks willing to do the footwork. And yes I have contributed to that problem by no longer being willing or able to do the footwork.

    But I can at the very least throw out some words of caution under “the cover of the Internet” when I suspect some are being taken for a ride.

  9. Libertariangirl

    what I wee as a problem is the never ending purges of peopledoing foot work. I know you know how much work Ive personally put in , to have anyone on the exom who voted for deaffiliation of 3 actice counties is UNACCEPTABLE.

    I say this directly to you Kris as even though most of the time your a yes man and a follower , I KNOW YOU CAN THINK FOR YOURSELF. Dont let friendships interfere with doing hats right. I lost alot of friends and my excom spot for doing it but i wouldnt change a thing:)

  10. Kris McKinster


    First off, I’ve maintained no friendships from anyone within the LP. I haven’t spoken to Joe in almost two years. So what you have read here is ME THINKING FOR MYSELF.

    Also deaffiliating three counties was indeed MY IDEA. Yes, an idea I brought up with Joe. Why would I do such a thing after taking multiple trips at my own expense to help in the creation of two affiliates? First, it’s inefficient and counter-productive to have the excomms of local affiliates, less than 2 years old with an average of 5 members each, being vocal against their parent organization, in most cases because of personality conflicts.

    The third affiliate, the only one older than two years, had an excomm made up of the same people as the parent organization, so it became redundant.

    The total number of members alienated from this action, while vocal, wasn’t enough to break up a supermajority at last year’s state convention.

    I could go on, but no reason to.

    You are right about one thing, I can think for myself. As for friendships, I have not maintained a single one from LP, and I haven’t even spoken to Joe for almost two years. I knew at least one or two Nevadans who frequent this site who do let friendships interfere with doing what’s right. I believe they will see their error soon, if they haven’t already.

  11. Mark Axinn

    I wish my friends in Nevada a successful convention and a cessation to hurtful in-fighting.

    There are all sorts of really, really heinous Democrats and Republicans you guys can attack instead.

    Where’s Harry Reid from? How about going after him instead?

  12. spotlessMind

    look who has come out of the woodwork .. After his successful run of manipulating and destroying ..

  13. LibertarianGirl

    Kris , didnt you go to the Free Speech Coalition cancelled convention? your ex old me you were there and that you and Joe were talking again.

    Anyways if the deaffiliation was your idea your still wrong.I don’t have the time right now to counter your reasoning but suffice to say we had 3 county affiliates for years ( 2 off and on) , holding events and it worked. Why you alone decided it was no longer working is beyond me . Ask everyone, they miss our monthly meetings.

  14. Kris McKinster

    My ex lied? *shocked look* :O

    It was working if the goal was to have monthly meetings, filled with juicy gossip to make public online… *ahem*

  15. LibertarianGirl

    what?? our monthly meetings had awesome speakers , candidate training , Toastmasters , a forum for our candidates to speak ect ,and most importantly a live place for those seeking out the LPN to find us in an entertaining venue…..what the fuck are you talking about ?

  16. Kris McKinster

    Well I guess the guy who put all that stuff together (Joe) got tired of doing it. Then Nate tried doing it for a while and then he got tired. Anyway, that was already over with by the time we deaffiliated.

  17. Jake Porter


    I don’t understand how the Nevada organization or state laws work, but would it be possible to still have local organizations even though they are no longer affiliated with the state party?

  18. LibertarianGirl

    yes but not as “official ” or sanctioned organizations. Before the Silvestri power consolidaion our county affiliates pcked their own candidates , after – only at the state conventiion could you be approved. The result , a dramatic drop is candidates from over 10 to 2

  19. LibertarianGirl

    and kris joe did a FANTASTIC job as county chair , NATE did a damn good job, your the only county chair who failed and flailed miserably and you know it. it was not already dead when you got it …you either blatantly ignored or strategically stooddown but you ever ever even tried to be county chair. I have a plethora of ignored excom emails , and well a history of events to prove we were ACTIVE until you took over.

  20. spotlessMind

    steps out of the woodwork over two years later pretending to actually cares . And at the same time joe is giving the impression that he may actually give up. Makes you wonder

  21. LibertarianGirl

    yeah while the standing down rumor MAY be true , we will continue forward until the convention as if its not. Bring your a-game ….Ill be thrilled to have new excom , new bylaws and our county parties reinstated and an end to purges and infighting.

  22. Daddyfatsax

    LG, we may have disagreements, but I welcome anyone who can articulate their point and maintain the tenets of the party. What I cannot abide, is an excomm that answers to nobody, does nothing, and hides when the questions get tough. The biggest single thing the slate wants to accomplish is reaching out and bringing in libertyminded people who can help us grow and mature into a serious entity in Nevada. We can bring disaffected Dems, GOPs and IAP’s into a nationally recognized party and do some real growth with the right leadership…but purges…they are not part of any plan for growth…in fact, once the weeds are pulled from the excom…watch what happens.

  23. Jill Pyeatt

    I found this posted to Facebook:

    The 2013 Libertarian Party of Nevada State Convention will be held on November 16, 2013 at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino 9090 Alta Dr. LV, NV. Time: 9am – 5pm; $50 fee to participate.

    I believe the current leadership of the LPN is corrupt. The last two times they were challenged they won by one vote. Your vote could be the difference. Please, please, please attend.

    Meeting: Friday 9/27/13, 6:30pm 101 Emery St. Pahrump, NV. We try to hold a meeting the last Friday of the month the same time and place.


    James Libertarian Burns
    541-261-4163 (24/7)

  24. Kris McKinster

    “but purges…they are not part of any plan for growth…in fact, once the weeds are pulled from the excom…”

    Oh boy…

  25. Daddyfatsax

    Kris…I get that you are skeptical and whatever…but if you can point to anything specific about Tim Hagan, David Colborne, Lou Pombo or myself that would be harmful to the party, I’d love to hear what you have. You have an issue with Brett, fine..but the excom is not a dictatorship, and maybe getting on board with an excomm that can and will be disciplined and held to account is the right way to grow the party. I cannot imagine what Brett did to make you angry, and frankly, I don’t care. This isn’t about Brett, if Joe runs and wins, and the rest of us are elected, you can be damn sure we won’t rubber stamp anything for him either. I am running on an ideal of NO MORE DICTATORS, and that means anyone. I am no sycophant, I will not sell out my ethics and if you can point to anyone else running that can not say the same thing, I’m all ears…but I think your anger comes from being butt hurt about brett, not logic or facts.

  26. Kris McKinster


    I have no issue with Pojunis, other than his denial on what Silvestri wrote about him in response to his resignation. I can substantiate much of what Silvestri wrote. That alone gives me plenty of reason to be skeptical and suggest others be the same.

    I have no other reason to attack Pojunis or cast doubt over his intentions. I am not angry or playing politics. I am no longer a LP member, though perhaps I would like to be one someday if my state LP isn’t dysfunctional…

    I admit I am comforted by the fact that Hagan and Colborne are on your proposed slate. Colborne has shown an admirable level of professionalism, even when we gave him no reason to. In fact, I’d think he would be the best choice for Chair. I hope he knows Pojunis better than I do.

    The current bylaws grant the Chair and Excomm way too much power, as we’ve seen. I hope we see an adjustment to that as well.

  27. Revfatsax

    Our goal is to allow affiliates, thus watering down…or distributing to our counties the authority. This party, unlike other parties, is about the people…and everyone should get involved in some way to make the party theirs. I, for one, would welcome you back, including any criticisms if we win, and warrant. We need to get away from the Root plan of downplaying our message to trick republicans into joining us, there is no reason we cannot be consistent for liberty, true to our ethos, and appeal to those disaffected in other parties due to corruption, nepotism and corporatism. I believe this country, n the whole, is ready to trade back some imagined security for a slice of our humanity, dignity and liberty in return. We need to be that warm blanket for those who seek the same as we, without the distractions of who is the baddest libertarian in the state. As far as joe, he made a decision long ago to protect his own without ethics, and vilify those who disagreed. Regardless of what he said about Brett, most of it slanted and only one side of a very ugly coin, I see the work being done in spite of joes efforts against him. Politics and women make enemies out of friends…most of the time, it is ego to blame. I have a feeling, between everyone on the slate, policing our own won’t be a problem. Not one person running has a problem calling anyone out for something if it is deserved.

  28. LibertarianGirl

    I admit I am comforted by the fact that Hagan and Colborne are on your proposed slate. Colborne has shown an admirable level of professionalism, even when we gave him no reason to. In fact, I’d think he would be the best choice for Chair. I hope he knows Pojunis better than I do.

    The current bylaws grant the Chair and Excomm way too much power, as we’ve seen. I hope we see an adjustment to that as well.KM_”

    @31 I apologize for assuming you were just parroting what Joe would say ,it appears you have a fairly good grasp as to what the problems are. David and Tim ARE awesome and the excom and chair DO have too much power this is after a series of moves by Silvestr and team to consolidate power in the hands of the Chair.

    The 1st move was deaffiliating 3 active conties to which David was the Chair of one. If you admire David so muc and think he should be Chair , why did you come up with the idea and then vote to purge washoe? Could it be you were wrong? Imnot trying to be coy here , all Im really looking for is an apology and an admission you may have been wrong. We’ve all been there….d

  29. Kris McKinster


    The fact that I admired David’s professionalism and still voted for deaffiliation attests to the fact that it wasn’t about personalities for me.

    I stated my reasoning in #12. For me, it was a needed organizational restructure before it could make any progress. I believe the deaffiliation would have become even more necessary over time, as the various factions used county affiliates to gain footholds against each other. I understand there is disagreement there, but the reason why we have an Excomm is to make those decisions.

    Believe it or not, our slate was after bigger fish. Though we didn’t catch any, we did go all in and attempt to the best way we knew how. We all deserve credit for that, and yes, especially Joe Silvestri.

    I never sought nor felt qualified for an Excomm position. However, others believed I was the best choice at the time, so I accepted. I never vilified anyone. I was however vilified plenty of times, including online, which showed up as a top hit on google while I was running for County Recorder.

    Was I corrupt? How could any of us be corrupt? We receive no compensation for this. We are all just doing what we believe in… just perhaps not in a way you agree with.

  30. Kris McKinster

    That depends. What compensation will I receive? 😉

    Going to an event just to be sniped at and publicly called a child molester isn’t my idea of a good time.

  31. Kris McKinster

    Not you. Apparently you missed some of what happened at the 2011 convention. That was the last convention I attended. I didn’t even attend the National convention, and it was local.

  32. Oregon Libertarian

    The Oregon Law Suit was dismissed by the court on the First Amendment grounds. It is unlikely that the Nevada courts would be any different.

    The LNC would have to disaffiliate the current State Party and then vote to affiliate the Pojunis group. Given that the LNC did not do choose this course of action with the Oregon situation it is unlikely they would pursue it with the Nevada situation.

    Rump conventions have no affect on State Ballot Access. The Secretary of State will keep the ballot access with the current holders of it.

    I am not sure what is hoped to be accomplished. This will convention will only further alienate the Silvestri group from the Pojunis group, where any hopes of negotiations will be greatly diminished.

    Perhaps, if you held a jousting tournament at the Excalibur, where it was the Silvestri group vs. the Pojunis group, and Winner takes all. Is that not the Las Vegas Spirit?

  33. Kris McKinster

    @39 This convention was called by the Silvestri group, and is being promoted by the Pojunis group. It is the best possible resolution to the perceived problem.

    As a side note, I don’t think Pojunis ever expected the LNC to take action. That seemed to be all about assembling all of Joe’s opposition under his banner.

  34. LibertarianGirl

    we sat outside and cried together after the business portion , not sure if you were crying but you hugged me , it was hard on alot of us , but indeed I missed what you refer to

  35. David Colborne

    Kris, I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting a glowing recommendation from you, but… thank you. I know I made my fair share of mistakes during my terms on the Executive Committee – I overextended myself far too much, and failed to appreciate the demands my career and family would place upon my time before I made various commitments to the LP – and that’s a big part of the reason why I’m not interested in serving as Chair. I just don’t have the time, energy, or motivation to do a solid job at that.

    Thankfully, Brett does, which is why he has my support. He has his flaws too, to be sure, but I’ll take his flaws over many people’s strengths. He dreams big, he reaches big, he works big, and sometimes things don’t go quite the way he thinks they will. That happens when you take great risks. Joe didn’t understand that – if Brett promised to launch a manned mission to Mars, put the rocket up, and it blew up, Joe would’ve blamed him for failing to meet his obligations and honor his promises. That’s fair if you’re talking about running dry cleaning or doing homework; it’s less fair when you’re talking about executing large, complicated projects. Recently, I’ve noticed that Brett’s becoming increasingly competent at executing the large, powerful projects he’s been kicking around, and a big part of that is he’s doing less by himself and doing more through his team. You can ask the LP Colorado about his ability to execute – he’s learned a lot since he was first brought in.

    Regarding bylaws – yes, we’re working on that. We’ve proposed new bylaws and new provisions that return teeth back to the general membership and help ensure that future Executive Committees won’t attempt to poison the lake to catch some fish in the future. Obviously, bylaws are only as good as the people bound by them, and no matter how good we are at crafting bylaws, a small group of people with an agenda can do a lot of harm if they’re in a position of actual organizational power. The best we can do is just ensure that they’re not the only small group with organizational power and hope it all balances out in the end.

    Come to the convention – it will be eventful, at least.

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