John Wayne Smith says he will file criminal charges against several Libertarian Party of Florida members

From a September 15th, 2013 post on John Wayne Smith’s Facebook page. Smith is currently seeking the Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF’s) nomination for governor.

Yesterday I went to Ormond Beach to an organizational meeting for LPF Region 7. It was a good day and at the end of the meeting I had a one on one meeting with Alex Snitker. He wanted to see if there was someway that we could put the past behind us and work together, We agreed on a lot of things and did agree to try to work together.
Yesterdays Facebook activity especially on “Libertarian Salutations’ was very instructive on how the Wyllie camp want to work together.

Overnight I decided to file criminal charges against a number of people for cyber bullying and criminal interference in a political campaign.
It will take me a week to put the complaint together but I will report it to the Lake County Sheriffs Department tomorrow. There are specific laws in Florida against Cyber-bullying and interfering unlawfully in a political campaign ‘

I will be charging Dana Moxley Cummings and Daniel Alexandra with aiding And abetting cyber bulling And attempts to interfere unlawfully with a political campaign.
I will also be charging Lynn House of these same charges and additionally with attempts to destroy evidence by deleting Post she thought were too offensive. However Facebook retains them in their records. There may be other charges against Ms. House as the investigation goes on. I will also be including the stacks of e mails that have passed by in the period of the last 5 years.
There will be at least 20 other people charged under these statutes, including Brent Albertson, Tom Rhodes, Jim Tall.

I will go through the threads of “Libertarian Solutions” and Identify other people who are guilty of Cyber bulling and all attempts of intimidation by others. I suggest you people lawyer up, because this is going to be expensive for you.

Smith’s campaign website can be found here. His opponent for the LPF gubernatorial nomination is former state chairman Adrian Wyllie. A third contender,  Alexander George (former chair of the Libertarian Party of Polk County), is reportedly considering a run.

8 thoughts on “John Wayne Smith says he will file criminal charges against several Libertarian Party of Florida members

  1. Vincent

    This is beyond insane. It has reached the level of entertaining at this point. This primary is becoming a circus.

  2. Thomas L. Knapp

    I was unaware that John Wayne Smith is a student at or employee of a K-12 public school, which seem to be the only groups of people to whom Florida’s “cyber-bullying” law applies. Is he?

    Of course, even if he is, the “cyber-bullying” law is initiation of force on steroids, and so is invoking it.

  3. George Whitfield

    John Wayne Smith’s threat is so pathetic, sad and unproductive. He sounds like a Socialist.

  4. George Whitfield

    I looked at John Wayne Smith’s website and his campaign news is about sending other Libertarians to jail for supposedly violating government laws. He is not very inspiring in any way. If a potential voter looked at his website they would not vote for him.

  5. LP Observer

    This from the so-called 3rd largest LP state affiliate in the USA, based on national sustaining membership?
    California #1
    Texas #2
    Florida #3
    Ohio #4
    toss up between New York and Virgnia for 5th

  6. Inquiring minds

    Hope this crap is resolved before the 2016 national convention comes to Orlando, Florida.

  7. John Wayne Smith

    I have spent much of the past 30 hours in discussion with different people who ask me not to file such charges.. So the complaint statement is still sitting here on my desk.
    If the bull crap continues and I seriously expect it will I can always file such information with the Lake County Sheriffs Department.

    We have a better plan but I should still do it. If I did it, it would damage Mr. “Five Percent’s” future because it would be on his record forever.

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