Constitution Party of South Dakota recruiting candidates for 2014

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Recruiting Constitutionalist Candidates

When good things happen in one state, it can have a ripple-effect across our nation.  We welcome support from constitution-loving Americans and keepers of the oath, everywhere.

People of principle are needed to take a stand, become leaders within our communities, set an example for our children and grandchildren that we are a people that will stand up to help inform, educate and passionately help us to finally restore the greatest constitution a nation has ever put into law.

With the early launching of major party candidates’ campaigns ahead of their primaries next year, it is imperative for our candidates to begin to get into the conversation as well.

We are openly seeking potential candidates for 2014.  While it is crucial to find a gubernatorial candidate, we aim to offer the people of South Dakota many choices of ordinary Americans willing to step up to the plate and boldly come to the defense of our constitution through their runs for various offices throughout our state.

If you dare to put what is best for our state and our nation above major party politics and become a Constitutionalist, we would like to talk to you about working together to build the Constitution Party of South Dakota.

We have vacancies within the leadership of the party which can offer individuals great opportunities to make a difference in our state and within their local communities.  If you are not interested in leadership but would like to just get involved, we would love to connect with you.

For those that may have thought about running for office in the past but never followed through for various reasons…………OPPORTUNITY is knocking at your door.  Voters are not looking for yet another career politician to support yet again, so put your principles in action and contact us today!

If you would like to donate to our cause, your contributions are urgently needed.  Your gracious donations may be accepted through Dwolla here.  Or, you may make your check payable to:  Constitution Party of South Dakota and mail to address at bottom of website at:   For more information, please comment to this post or email

One thought on “Constitution Party of South Dakota recruiting candidates for 2014

  1. Andy

    The Constitution Party of South Dakota would not even have ballot access right now if not for the petition circulators whom I referred to them FREE OF CHARGE who SAVED their petition drive from sure failure.

    What is the thanks that I received for this? I still have not been paid all of the money that they owe me from the successful Constitution Party petition drive in Alabama last year, which ended on September 6th of 2012.

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