Pat Dixon Responds to Richard Whittaker in Austin Chronicle: Libertarians Are Not ‘Far Right’

Pat Dixon

Following a 20 December 2013 article by Mr. Whittaker titled “Third-Party Candidates Lining Up Again: It’s still busy at the bottom of the ticket”

available HERE

Libertarian Party of Texas State Chair Pat Dixon responded with a letter titled “Libertarians Are Not ‘Far right’

Pat writes, in part:

“Anyone who labels the Libertarian Party as “far-right” hasn’t seen the Nolan Chart or our platform. We are the party that has consistently opposed government intrusion into the bedroom, fought to end the war on drugs, defended privacy, opposed aggressive foreign policy, opposed corporate welfare, stood up for gay marriage, and supported the legalization of prostitution. These and many other issues illustrate that when it comes to civil liberties, we are the champions.”

His full reply was published HERE

6 thoughts on “Pat Dixon Responds to Richard Whittaker in Austin Chronicle: Libertarians Are Not ‘Far Right’

  1. paulie

    In reply to the reply from the editor attached to Pat’s article at the end if you follow the link:

    I would suggest, if anything, that the Nolan Chart makes us seem more conservative than we are, since it largely ignores foreign policy, and a non-interventionist foreign policy is generally stereotyped as leftist. So, on two of three areas (social issues/civil liberties and foreign policy) the left pays more lip service to libertarian ideas than the right does, and on one (economic issues) the right pays more lip service to liberty than the left. In both cases, however, it is only lip service, as can be seen from both of their records in office.

    Libertarian sounds like liberal for a reason, since our ideas are those of classical liberals before progressive state-socialists hijacked the term (and then discarded it). The original libertarians such as Frederic Bastiat sat on the left in the French Parliament of the 18th and 19th centuries, which is where the terms left and libertarian (as applied to political philosophy) both originated. And, if modern leftist argue that libertarians (who are for little if any monopoly government) are on the far right, how can they simultaneously argue that nazis and fascists, who are for a massive government in every area of our lives and have no issue positions in common with libertarians at all, are also at the same time supposedly on the far right as well? If people who disagree with each other on everything or virtually everything are both “far right,” what does that even mean?

  2. Bondurant

    There’s no use in replying to zealots of the state. Whittaker takes his Kool-Aid with pride.

  3. Stephen Kent Gray

    Even a simple look on Wikipedia, would have dispelled any such notions, but he probably didn’t do any research. How can anyone characterize free markets, laissez faire, civil libertarianism, cultural liberalism, non interventionism, and free trade as far rights? Someone who doesn’t care about facts.

    Far rights is protectionism, mixed economy, totalitarianism, cultural conservatism, militarism, imperialism, Third Positionism, etc.

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