Film Student Gillian Annis Makes Video About Judge Jim Gray

I received this email today from Judge Jim Gray

Hi team,

Some of you may be interested in this, others not. And in some ways it is embarrassing. But about three months ago I received a message from Gillian Annis, who is a film student in the Orange County High School for the Performing Arts. She said that one of her school projects was to make a documentary about a person’s life, and wondered if I would be interested in being her subject.

I agreed, and provided her with some old pictures and an interview. The 6-minute result was shown last Saturday at the Chapman University theater. As you can see, I devote quite a bit of time discussing Libertarian issues and the Johnson/Gray election. So if you wish, feel free to use it in any reasonable manner for any responsible cause. Here is the link: .

At the very least I think you will agree that Gillian has a real future in filmmaking.

Best to all, and Life is Good!


James P. Gray is a retired judge of the Orange County Superior Court, the composer of the high school musical revue “Americans All,” and the 2012 Libertarian candidate for Vice President, along with Governor Gary Johnson for President. Judge Gray can be contacted at

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