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Former Youth Leader for Unity ’08 and Americans Elect Likely to be an Independent Candidate for U.S. House

Via Ballot Access News:

Nick Troiano, 24, has set up an exploratory committee for a possible independent race for U.S. House in Pennsylvania’s 10th district. He had been Unity ’08′s College Coordinator, and had been the Communications Manager for Americans Elect. His advisory committee for the congressional race includes Professor Charles Wheelan, a Dartmouth Professor who had advocated in favor of a new party called the Moderate Party. It also includes Russ Verney, Ross Perot’s campaign chairman in both 1992 nd 1996. And it includes Larry Norton, a former general counsel to the FEC.

Troiano’s early political activism included local activity in favor of freedom of information; see this story about that from 2009.

The Tenth District is strongly Republican. In 2012 its vote for U.S. House was: Tom Marino, Republican, 179,563; Philip Scollo, Democrat, 94,227. The district is physically large and includes the small-population counties of the center of Pennsylvania, as well as the counties in the northeast corner. Troiano will need 3,592 signatures by August 1.

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