Merlin Miller: Report on AIPAC, CPAC and US-Israel Summit

Merlin Miller is a political activist and independent filmmaker, known for directing the 2000 film “Jericho.” He was the 2012 presidential nominee of the nationalist American Third Position Party (now American Freedom Party), receiving a total of 2,713 votes. Notably, during the 2012 campaign he met with Iran’s then-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Miller has since focused on nationalist causes and started the Eagle’s Blog.

Below is an advance copy of an upcoming story from the blog:

March 2-8, 2014 was a week of unique importance, even for the “House of Cards”. Unfortunately, I missed the AIPAC (American-Israel Political Affairs Committee) Annual Conference. My invitation never arrived.

AIPAC is a showcase for those who worship Israel, and this includes; “American” Senators John McCain, Chuck Schumer, Robert Menendez and Congressmen Eric Cantor and Steny Hoyer, as well as Secretary of State John Kerry. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was of course given center stage. His latest well-timed and bizarre claim against Iran was immediately embraced by the Zionist controlled mainstream media, but is now being soundly discredited – (see When will Israel and their American sycophants replace this clown with someone who doesn’t always lie, while imposing his hatred on the rest of the world? Submissively, over 10,000 Israel firsters did attend this gathering – quite possibly including your representatives (check donations received from AIPAC affiliated PACs, as reported in The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs).

I did arrive in time for the opening of CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) which “conveniently” followed AIPAC. Instead of a printed schedule, one was forced to view the digital monitors or get a copy of the Washington Times supplement. Not surprisingly, “Tea Party” representatives were in force, but much more sedate this year. It appeared that Conference organizers wanted to avoid the spontaneity of last year’s event, and had signs posted everywhere disallowing displays, handouts, or campaign material. In effect, it was like attending a circus with the same ringmasters, but who were now tasked with overtly serving a “neocon” establishment by not allowing honest, open dialogue, or real fun. This was reinforced by independent media crews, which expressed the same observations to me.

There were some good speakers. Wayne LaPierre, of the National Rifle Association, gave a rousing presentation. His appeal to the boisterous crowd of 2nd Amendment patriots was ironically delivered in Maryland, where none could have their weapons. Surprisingly, I most enjoyed Donald Trump. He is clearly a self-promoting showman, but can turn a convincing phrase with the best of them, despite veiling some facts. I wasn’t inspired to see the increasing number of so-called “Tea Party” leaders, who could more accurately be described as “Neocons in grassroots garb”. Israeli lapdogs, like John Bolton, were there advocating for more “American Exceptionalism” – as though we don’t have enough wars, police state repute, or debt. I did want to see Rand Paul speak, but was attending a different event across town at that time. However, he gave a great presentation last year and I heard that he did again. Senator Paul seems to be the best voice for traditional American interests (especially our Bill of Rights), although some question his penchant for compromise on certain issues. Still, he won the straw poll with 31%…nearly 3 times that of second place finisher, Ted Cruz.

The Republican Party is faced with a conundrum…do they get behind a real “peoples’ choice”, such as Rand Paul, or do they marginalize him, as they did his father, so that an establishment favorite can once again lead the Party to defeat. My bet is they’ll go with Senator Paul in 2016, especially if they are convinced that he will compromise. If he is not their choice, then he should be prepared to join forces with a third party, or coalition of independent parties. America desperately needs an alternative to the two party duopoly, and significant political reforms, if the people are to be truly represented again.

Many of CPAC’s more controversial, yet relevant, break-out sessions went missing. After last year’s conference, I recommended to the American Freedom Party that consideration be made for sponsoring a Friday evening pizza party to attract attendees with important, alternative messages. Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute did host a function with Jared Taylor as key speaker. I had other commitments and wasn’t able to attend, but hope that they are abandoning their attacks on other groups based on IQ, crime, etc – and instead penetrate these conservative forums from the moral high ground with arguments that resonate with increasing numbers of true patriots, populists, and nationalists. Unity is what America needs, for it is the divide and conquer tactics of Zionist/Globalist elites, and their agents provocateur, that have so effectively subverted our way of life, and our future.

This report comes out just in advance of the March 15th “White Man’s March”. It could be an incredible step forward, if it does not attack others, but instead defends traditional American interests. If organizer Kyle Hunt would also appeal to honest, knowledgeable and legitimate American minority groups to endorse his effort, then it could be a milestone. Everyone should want a level playing field and stand against the races being pitted against each other, just as the religions are. With a slogan like “Protect America – stop the immigration invasion and end unconstitutional laws and programs” (including affirmative action), he might be surprised how much support it would gain. If not, then expect divisive attacks to be organized by “cultural Marxist” forces of the Zionist/Globalist elites, as they continue their systematic destruction of America.

The highlight of my DC visit was attending the first annual “US-Israel ‘Special Relations’ Summit” at the National Press Club. The focus of the Summit was reassessing a relationship, which has subordinated American interests to those of Israel, largely through the actions of AIPAC – the lobby which, in actuality, serves as a foreign agent. Twenty Five panelists and speakers courageously appeared in defiance to political correctness. They spoke difficult truths to an impassioned crowd of approximately 300 at this all-day event. These were America-first patriots who, in my opinion, will help lead our country back to moral, economic and political responsibility. We need positive, honest leadership in politics and media, which we are currently not getting due to the powers of influence that AIPAC and other special interests hold. The speakers were an eclectic mix of respected politicians, academics, media representatives, and former military and intelligence leaders. I commend them and the sponsors; Council for the National Interest ( , Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (, Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy ( , and If American’s Knew ( CSPAN covered the entire event and all speeches can be viewed at

March 12, 2014

Merlin Miller,

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  1. Jill Pyeatt

    Hmmm, he has some interesting things to say, some of which I wouldn’t have expected to hear from him. It’s very telling that AIPAC opened for CPAC. I’m curious to see if his party grows at all in the upcoming couple of years.

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