IPR Writer Jill Pyeatt Hits a Million-Dollar Jackpot!

Lottery winnings

You’ll be seeing a lot less of me here on IPR, now that I have money to spend and shopping to do! I’ll try to pop in from time-to-time with news of the third-parties and independents in this country!

16 thoughts on “IPR Writer Jill Pyeatt Hits a Million-Dollar Jackpot!

  1. paulie

    I’m sure with your new found wealth you are being deluged with requests right now. Take your time. This is important!


    What a coincidence! I won $50 million in PowerBall yesterday and will use it to buy the
    Ohio legislature’s vote to put Libertarians on the ballot with only 100 signatures.

  3. Kevin Knedler

    Name a room after yourself in the new LP National office. Donate funds to Ohio for the ballot access battle we have been waging since 2004. Write the LP in your will with a donation of let’s say $30K ?

  4. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Paulie said: “Dang. All these LP members striking it rich couldn’t be a coincidence.”

    I KNEW you were a conspiracy theorist!!

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