LPMN Challenges DFL on Minimum Wage Issue

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This article was sent to me for publication here. I asked what DFL stood for, and this was the explanation that was provided:

DFL stands for Democratic-Farmer-Labor. They were formed when the Democratic Party merged with the Farmer-Labor Party, which had been a third party in Minnesota, some decades ago. More info: wikipedia . So the DFL is the Democratic Party in Minnesota and its candidates are considered Democrats in the national scheme of things.


With most DFL legislators lining up behind another hike to the state’s minimum wage under the guise of helping the working class, the Libertarian Party of Minnesota is speaking out to defend the very same working class who will be harmed with the passing of this legislation.

By a vote of 7-0, the LPMN Executive Committee approved a Resolution: We call upon the DFL to end its push to increase the state’s minimum wage and to instead pursue methods that would help, rather than hurt, low-income workers and the public at large.

On the surface, raising the minimum wage seems like an easy way to boost the fortunes of the poor and working class. Legislators simply decree that wages must be higher, and low-income workers would instantly be better off. Or would they?

To begin, it’s important to note that working people do have justifiable reason to be unhappy. Not long ago, the minimum of $6.15/hour was seen as sufficient. But not anymore. What happened?

The answer is that the dollar has been eroding in value. Since just the year 2000, the dollar has lost 25% of its purchasing power. It has lost an incredible 96% of its value over the past 100 years. It’s no wonder that many feel squeezed. This unstable valuation has put America’s financial system on a foundation of quicksand and jeopardized the living standard of every person, as employees find out that their earnings don’t buy as much as they once did, and as savers and seniors discover that their rainy-day funds and retirement accounts aren’t worth nearly as much as when they had worked to earn that money.

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6 thoughts on “LPMN Challenges DFL on Minimum Wage Issue

  1. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I’m happy to hear read something about the Libertarian Party of Minnesota. I hope to hear more from them.

  2. Jed Ziggler

    In Minnesota, the Democratic Party is called the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. In North Dakota, the Democratic Party is called the Democratic-Nonpartisan League Party. Similar to how the state affiliates of the Green Party, Constitution Party, and Independent American Party have different names in some states.

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