Independent and Libertarian candidates on the ballot for Governor in Oklahoma

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On July 18, Rasmussen Reports released this poll for the Oklahoma gubernatorial election. Even though respondents were asked, “If the 2014 election for Governor of Oklahoma was held today, would you vote for Republican Mary Fallin or Democrat Joe Dorman?”, 7% of respondents volunteered “someone else.” The poll results are: Fallin 45%, Dorman 40%, “someone else” (volunteered) 7%, undecided 8%.

Also on the ballot for Governor are Richard Prawdienzski, Libertarian; and Kimberly Willis, independent. Prawdienzski’s ballot label is “independent” because of Oklahoma’s ballot access laws.

Originally there were three candidates with the “independent” label on the ballot. The Democratic nominee filed challenges to the ballot position of Willis and Joe Sills. The challenge to Sills removed him from the ballot, on the grounds that he had once plea bargained to a crime and thus doesn’t meet the constitutional qualifications to be Governor. The challenge to Willis claimed that she had not been registered outside the Republican Party for the required six months, but Willis proved that she had changed her registration from “Republican” to “independent” more than six months before she filed.

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