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Jim Jenkins: Nearly Half of Nebraskans Fed Up with Political Parties

According to a new poll, Nebraska voters have grown weary of both the Republican and Democrat parties and would strongly consider sending a nonpartisan candidate to replace retiring Republican U.S. Senator Mike Johanns in this November’s general election.

The poll, conducted by the MSR Group, surveyed 618 Nebraska voters May 27-29, and found nearly half have an unfavorable opinion of both the Democrat and Republican parties. An overwhelming 87 percent said political parties have “too much control in Washington”, and 65 percent said the two party system is “broken and doesn’t work anymore”.

According to Jim Jenkins, who has qualified for Nebraska’s open U.S. Senate seat as a nonpartisan candidate, “Nebraskans have lost faith in both parties and are looking for an alternative. Despite what cable TV and the political class would have us believe, the left and right wings of the Democrat and Republican parties have lost the confidence of most voters. The vast majority of us are somewhere in the sensible center,” Jenkins said.

The telephone poll surveyed approximately 200 Nebraskans in each of the state’s three Congressional Districts who indicated they were registered to vote and likely to vote in the upcoming November general election.

Fifty-six percent said they would consider voting for a nonpartisan candidate for U.S. Senate. When asked if they would consider a nonpartisan candidate for the U.S. Senate who was “highly qualified” and shared a “majority of their beliefs”, the support jumped to 86 percent.

“The majority of us want the same things: security from our enemies; education for our children; a reasonably fair playing field; infrastructure that supports our economy; the freedom to pursue our dreams; and a government that facilitates rather than impedes economic growth and freedom. The first obligation of an elected official is to their country and community, and not to their political party,” Jenkins said.

The MSR Group poll found an overwhelming 84 percent of Nebraskans believe “Democrat and Republican leaders put their own interests ahead of the interests of the nation”. Sixty-five percent said a nonpartisan candidate “will take a fresh approach to solving the nation’s problems”.

“Nebraskans clearly are looking for an alternative. I will focus on bringing people together not partisan bickering and division. I will work to unite Republicans, Democrats, and Independents who are committed to putting the interests of the country ahead of partisan self-interests,” Jenkins said.

“I welcome Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, everyone who is fed up with the broken system in Washington, to join my campaign. It’s time for change. And Nebraska might just have the solution to once and for all end the partisan gridlock.”

According to Rob Noha, Senior Vice President of MSR Group that conducted the survey, this is the first poll of its kind in Nebraska.

“This is the most comprehensive look at how Nebraskans view the two major political parties and their thoughts on nonpartisan candidates.”

Thanks to Dan Parsons for this news.

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