John O’Brien: Millenials Want Neither Major Party

I can’t speak for other generations, but I do know that Millennials like me are fed up with both Republicans and Democrats. Countless surveys will verify this.

For most of us, our nation has been at war for more than half our lives. Our friends are the 19-year-olds coming back from a tour in Afghanistan right out of high school, and our parents are the ones who were deployed for two of the four years we spent in high school.

Then we see war hawks on television talking about going into Syria, Iran, Ukraine, Libya — and people wonder why we just aren’t interested?

We’re the generation that watched hundreds of thousands of lives come crashing down, while those who inevitably caused the recession landed softly with golden parachutes courtesy of the American taxpayer.

We have watched our government literally shut down, and almost shut down several more times. And people wonder why we want something different?

This year in Virginia, Libertarians have fielded candidates in most congressional districts, and Sarvis leads the charge in his challenge for the U.S. Senate. As more and more Millennials become enfranchised (and ticked off) I don’t expect to see his numbers with us going down.

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