Michael Bloomberg Says the U.S. a “Two-Party Country”

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg briefly discussed independent politics yesterday on Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto.

Bloomberg served as Mayor of New York from 2002 to 2013, initially as a Republican and then as an Independent after leaving the GOP in 2007.  Since 2008, pundits have speculated on the billionaire media mogul’s supposed plan to run a self-financed Independent campaign for President.  Despite draft efforts, such a campaign never occurred.

In the interview with Cavuto, Bloomberg unequivocally states that he will not run for president in 2016. Furthermore, he calls the U.S. a “two-party country” and refers to Ross Perot’s 1992 independent run as a media “fiction.”

Below is the rush transcript from the Fox News website:

CAVUTO: Are you going to run for president?


CAVUTO: You looked at the idea of an independent run. You obviously have the mean and the resources of doing it, but you must have crunched the numbers or looked it and the odds. And what happened?

BLOOMBERG: This is a two-party country. I suspect it will always be.

I find it hard to see how a third-party candidate could win. But, in any case, my future, it’s not politics. My future is working a little bit at my company, a lot at my foundation, and trying to do other things. And I’m an awful lucky guy, Neil, and I have got a lot of things on my plate.


CAVUTO: I understand, Mayor, but a lot of people are frustrated with the two-party system.

We have a poll out today that shows frustration with both parties is at its highest level ever, ever. And I’m wondering whether therein lie the seeds for a credible third-party run.

BLOOMBERG: That does not mean that…


CAVUTO: I understand that, but Ross Perot…


BLOOMBERG: Neil, that doesn’t mean that they would do something else.

CAVUTO: I know, but Ross Perot in a less divisive environment got 19 percent of the vote.

BLOOMBERG: Ross Perot was a fiction created by the press.

He may have gotten 19 percent, but he wouldn’t have gotten more than 19 percent. I do not believe that a third-party candidate can win. And I can tell you categorically I’m not running for president. And I don’t know who I will support.

12 thoughts on “Michael Bloomberg Says the U.S. a “Two-Party Country”

  1. paulie

    Via twitter:

    Sally Eastman ?@sallyeastman1 39m

    @I_P_R He’s wrong! Its a one party country and the Establishment effectively rules the nation!

  2. Jill Pyeatt

    I find it hard to think that many people take him seriously anymore. I wonder how he was ever smart and savvy enough to make a fortune?

  3. Bondurant

    It’s a one party system and Bloomie knows it. He’s part of the problem.

  4. NewFederalist

    “Bloomberg will always be a turd party guy.”

    N’Yuk, N’Yuk… you gotta love it!

  5. White Forever

    Mikhail Jewberg is right! It’s a two party country…and those parties are Likud and Kach.

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