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Opposition News: Indy Mealer, LP Hess Want Invite to AZ Gov Debates

J.L. Mealer

While six Republican candidates for Arizona Governor debated each other on television on Monday, two opposition candidates ramped up their campaign to be included in the coming General Election debates. John Mealer is the Independent Constitutionalist candidate running on the Americans Elect party line. Barry Hess is the Libertarian Party nominee and a second-time candidate for Arizona Governor. And as far as the televised debates are concerned, they want in.

Both the Constitutionalist JL Mealer and the Libertarian Barry Hess are no strangers to hard-fought election campaigns. Hess is a former Libertarian candidate for Arizona Governor and Mealer is a past Constitution Party candidate for President. That’s why they’re not surprised that they’re finding themselves the victims of one of the most common establishment election scams – shutting independents and opposition parties out of the televised debates. That’s also why they’re fiercely fighting back.

ASU, PBS, JP Morgan, Chamber of Commerce

The above four entities – Arizona State University, Public Broadcasting System, JP Morgan Chase, and the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce – are probably four government-connected entities the voters of Arizona don’t want to trust their system of democracy to. But those are the four that will be bringing the state the first televised Gubernatorial Election debate of the 2014 General Election. Candidate JL Mealer has some harsh words for them.

In an open letter sent to PBS, Independent Constitutionalist candidate John L Mealer makes his case to be included in the make-or-break debates. He points out the co-organizers’ non-profit statuses and their dependence on millions of dollars in taxpayer funding. Mealer says he will file every civil and criminal complaint available to him if he is excluded. And if that doesn’t work, he has some even more creative ideas.

“I plan to chain myself to your building and/or your home office until you do what is right, Mr. Todd Sader, CEO/President GPCC,” Mealer wrote to the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce CEO, “I expect to have over 2,000-plus people of all walks of life with me, not to mention Barry Hess’ Libertarians. I will call for all other candidates from every race in the state to stand with me. Are you beginning to comprehend the magnitude of your complicity with the party-politics shut-out?”

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