Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Krawchuk to Hold Press Conference

The campaign for Pennsylvania Libertarian Party gubernatorial nominee Ken Krawchuk released the following statement today announcing Krawchuk will hold a press conference on August 11 to discuss the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party’s failure to gain ballot access and the future of Krawchuk’s gubernatorial campaign.

   Ken Krawchuk, the Libertarian Party candidate for Pennsylvania
Governor, will be holding a press conference on Monday, August 11, at 7:30
PM in the Public Room of the Philadelphia Inquirer Building in West
Conshohocken (map at The free event is being
sponsored by the “We The Speakers” Toastmasters club, and the public and the
media are invited to attend.  Door open at 7:15 PM and dress is casual.

        “As we all know, the petition drive to get myself and my running
mate Henry Haller on the statewide ballot did not end as we had hoped it
would”, Krawchuk said.  “But what does this mean for the 2014 campaign?  To
sum it up briefly: it ain’t over yet.”

        Among the subjects to be discussed at the press conference are the
reasons for the limited success of the petition drive, plans for the
remainder of the campaign season, and the options for potential litigation.

 Founded in 1971, the Libertarian Party is the third largest political
party in the state and the nation, with over 150 elected and appointed
officials currently serving in office nationwide, and 40 in Pennsylvania.
Like the Founding Fathers, Libertarians believe that you have the
inalienable right to conduct your life as you see fit, without interference,
so long as you respect the rights and property of others.  As a result,
Libertarians favor a small, responsible government.

      For more information about the Libertarian Party, the public is
invited to contact the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania at or
(800) R-RIGHTS, or the National Libertarian Party at or (202)

      For more information about the Krawchuk campaign, please visit the
campaign website at  The campaign can be contacted at, or 224-Krawchuk (224-572-9248).

        For more information about We The Speakers Toastmasters club, please
visit their website at

The 60 year old Krawchuk resides in Abington Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. He was the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party’s 1998 and 2002 nominee for governor, receiving 33,591 (1.11 percent) and 40,923 (1.14 percent) votes respectively in each general election.

Krawchuk also moderated the 2012 alternate candidates debate, video of which was uncovered here last June. In the debate, Krawchuk revealed his favorite film as Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey, and commented on the importance of space exploration.

2 thoughts on “Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Krawchuk to Hold Press Conference

  1. Jed Ziggler

    I second that sigh. I’m glad he’s continuing his campaign & will continue to promote libertarianism in Pennsylvania, but there’s no point casting a write-in vote that county election officials are likely to not even bother to count.

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