Modern Whig Party Endorses Josh Ramirez for Washington’s 4th Congressional Seat

From the Modern Whig Party website:

Saturday, August 2, The Modern Whig Party of America endorsed Josh Ramirez’s bid for Washington’s 4th US Congressional District. Ramirez, a US Army Airborne veteran and certified Project Management Professional (PMP), officially signed the Modern Whigs’ Code of Conduct and Ethics to earn the endorsement. “Our Code of Conduct is the only requirement we expect of our candidates and public officials,” said Andrew Evans, National Chairman of the Modern Whig Party. He continued, “we are proud to support [Ramirez] because of his focus on independent thinking and collaboration in public service. He proved himself a public servant in the military and the type Washington and America needs.”

Ramirez plans to focus on a 21st century educational system and ensuring that Washington’s economic environment is conducive to the needs of business and workers. The candidate believes reducing lobbyist influence and eliminating partisan primary elections will help Congress focus on the American people, vice campaign funding. Ramirez explained these values pushed him to opt for a third party. “The party’s Code of Conduct was especially refreshing,” explained Ramirez. “To know that there is a party who puts the people before corporate entities, and who’s only condition of endorsement is [to] abide by this Code of Conduct…boldly contrasts the behavior of the two major parties these days”.

The Modern Whig Party of America was founded by veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan in 2007, and officially launched in 2009. The organization is one of America’s fastest growing political parties. The core beliefs of the Modern Whig Party focus on independent thinking, integrity, collaboration, and using logic and reason instead of ideology to support policies. For more information on the Modern Whig Party please visit For more information on Josh Ramirez for U.S. Congress please visit

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2 thoughts on “Modern Whig Party Endorses Josh Ramirez for Washington’s 4th Congressional Seat

  1. Richard Winger

    The Washington 4th US House district race includes 8 Republicans, 2 Democrats (both of whom have Hispanic names) and 2 independents. The incumbent Republican is retiring. This might possibly be a district in which the 2 Democrats place first and second in the August 5 primary. If that happens, it will be only the second time that the majority party in a US House district was disenfranchised in the general election. However, Washington state permits write-ins in November, so if the two Democrats are the only names on the November ballot, it is likely Republicans would launch a write-in campaign.

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