Prohibition Party Chairman to Run for President


Rev. Greg Seltzer, the national chairman of the Prohibition Party has announced he will seek the party’s 2016 nomination for president at its convention next year.  He has asked longtime activist and former Thompson Township, Fulton County, PA Tax Assessor Jim Hedges to be his running mate.

Seltzer is a retired history professor from Maryland who currently works as a Presbyterian Minister.  He took over as chairman earlier this year when Rev. Toby Davis, the 2012 vice presidential nominee, stepped down due to his busy schedule.  Davis later accepted the position of vice chairman.

Established in 1869, the Prohibition Party is the third oldest existing political party in the US. Its popularity climaxed during early Twentieth Century with the passage of the Eighteenth Amendment, which banned the sale of alcohol in 1919.  The amendment was repealed in 1933. The party has since declined, but has continued to nominate candidates for the presidential election. In 2012, it nominated perennial candidate Jack Fellure.  He appeared on the ballot only in Louisiana and received 518 votes.  It is unknown whether Fellure will seek the party’s 2016 nomination, but he has registered with the FEC as a candidate for the Republican Party’s 2016 nomination.

The party has had a revival of sorts during the Seltzer chairmanship.  It has increased its online presence with the creation of a Facebook page and has resumed publication of The National Prohibitionist, a newspaper which had stopped being published in 2005 amid an internal party feud.  The feud has since been settled.

For more information on the Party, visit its official website.  For historical information, visit the Partisan Prohibition Historical Society website (currently unavailable, click here to see the archived version).

30 thoughts on “Prohibition Party Chairman to Run for President

  1. Jed Ziggler

    The Partisan Prohibition Historical Society website loads fine for me.

    Hopefully Fellure doesn’t run with the party again, 2012 was a disaster for the Prohibitionists. Jack didn’t even bother to seek qualified write-in status in his own state.

  2. NewFederalist

    Seltzer? SELTZER? Geez, I used to drink whiskey and seltzer! Prohibition nominee??? I DON’T think so! 😉

  3. paulie

    Depends on which ones. The American “Freedom” party should spend its last breaths gasping for air and clawing at the concrete walls in a Zyklon B gas chamber, for example.

  4. William Saturn Post author

    Devout Muslims and Fundamentalist Mormons share common beliefs on intoxicants that makes the Prohibition Party their natural home. These two groups also share common beliefs on polygamy. The Prohibition Party would do good to reach out to these people and to include the legalization of polygamy as part of their platform.

  5. NewFederalist

    I would have to agree with paulie. I knew Earl Dodge for many years when he and his family basically WERE the Prohibition Party. While some members of the party may not have nice things to say about the Dodge faction almost none of them would be about their political and social policy views. Polygamy is DOA and working with non-Christians (Muslims) is a non-starter as well. As for working with Mormons… well, ask the Constitution Party about how that works out!

  6. paulie

    The American “Freedom” party should spend its last breaths gasping for air and clawing at the concrete walls in a Zyklon B gas chamber, for example.

    Or perhaps, gasping for air while drowning after being tossed overboard on an overcrowded slave ship sailing across the Atlantic.

  7. paulie

    LOL, I firs read that as “closet bar.”

    BTW aren’t they a right wing party? I noticed it was classified under NLR parties.

  8. William Saturn Post author

    Because Jim Hedges is progressive and since the Prohibition Party is traditionally a progressive party, I overlook the fact that the majority of current members are Christian Conservatives. Based on this and on its historical significance, I do not believe “minor right wing party” is an appropriate label.

  9. NewFederalist

    William Saturn- since the party has taken positions from the right to the left depending on what historical time period you are looking at how would you classify the party of today? It seems to me “minor right wing party” is accurate.

  10. Jeff Davidson

    In what world is Jim Hedges a progressive? Can you cite some quotes or something? I know that he in terms of faith he is a conservative Christian, part of the evangelical/fundamentalist wing of the Church of the Brethren. While the Church of the Brethren has made some policy statements that could be considered progressive, the denomination as a whole does not speak for individual members and those statements are not part of any creed or statement of faith to which members subscribe.

  11. William Saturn Post author,_U.S._Prohibition_Party_presidential_candidate

    Hedges: “Bush the Younger was unquestionably the most damaging president since FDR, perhaps the most damaging of all time: His ‘Patriot Act’ and other security measures trashed the Constitution, our Constitution. His deficits have never been equaled. His foreign military adventures are the longest wars ever fought by our country. Obama was dealt a miserable hand, but even so, I’m becoming disappointed. We still have Bush‘s deficit spending. We still have Bush’s wars. We still have Bush’s failure to secure the border with Mexico. We still have Bush’s exporting American jobs overseas. What is there to like? Obama did end Bush’s ‘global gag rule,’ which attempted to prevent family planning agencies all over the world from even discussing abortion. And he did make a stab at improving medical care.”

    Hedges: “Obamacare is a step in the right direction, but it leaves intact the private insurance industry, which is a major source of waste. We need a public health service, like the one in England.”

    Hedges: “Our unqualified support for Israel is doing us a great deal of damage elsewhere in the world. We need to stop all aid, both civilian and military, to Israel until Israel abides by the Oslo Accords. We need to stop being the world’s bully and, instead, lead by example: ratify Kyoto, ratify CEDAW, rein in the international corporations.”

    Hedges: “Look at the things he [Jimmy Carter] has done since leaving the White House, then look at the things other presidents have done after their terms ended. Carter has continued to serve the American people, and the world, while the others have hie’d themselves to their clubs and estates, to their lecture circuits and their corporate boards. Yes, I would like to be a person such as Jimmy Carter”

  12. NewFederalist

    Well, well, well…he believes the Prohibition Party and the Libertarian Party share a lot of common ground (smaller government, less taxes etc.) and then days Obamacare doesn’t go far enough! It’s enough to drive you to drink!

  13. paulie

    As far as I know those are the view of one person, not the party as a whole, and whatever their historical positions, these days their primary issues are social conservative/reactionary/repressive.

  14. William Saturn Post author

    That one person (Hedges) is the 2016 running mate of the chairman. And if I remember correctly, 2004 & 2008 VP nominee and current party treasurer Leroy Pletten holds similar views.

    Perhaps a majority of the members fit into the “right wing” category, but at least two high ranking members do not. Temperance (the main issue) is not necessarily a right wing position and neither are these positions from the 2012 platform:

    1. Increasing taxes on alcohol, tobacco, and pornography
    2. Moratorium on nuclear power plants
    3. Withdrawal of troops from Japan and Germany

  15. Jed Ziggler

    It would be helpful if this was categorized under right-wing minor parties, since the current Prohibition Party is generally right-wing. If I’m searching to see if a story was posted yet or not, it’s helpful to just search within the correct category The only other solution would be to add the party name as a tag on all posts outside of the “big three”, which you and I do, William, but not all of our writers do. I don’t trust the search feature, it’s led me astray a few times.

    William, while the party may have historically been a progressive party, we are talking about a current active political party, not a historical society.

  16. Jed Ziggler

    Thanks. Maybe I’ll make a list of what I feel the correct categories are for each of the currently active parties and send it out to the email list. We can debate it & then when we have some general agreement maybe we can clear up what is, truthfully, a pretty small matter.

  17. NewFederalist

    “Thanks, William – I will take a look at the interview.”

    Based on the interview I can see William Saturn’s point. As previously pointed out, however, this is just one person not the platform committee of the national party.

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  19. paulie

    Could have sworn I posted their national convention announcement earlier, but I checked and I hadn’t, so the new post about that (not be me) pinged back above is good.

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