Constitution Party Makes Gains in Alaska

The Constitution Party just sent out an email with two major announcements. One is that they
have a new elected official in Alaska, a member of the Deltana Community Corporation Board. The other announcement is that another elected member of that board, Pam Goode, is also a Constitution Party member and candidate for State Representative in Alaska. Furthermore, she’s been endorsed by Joe Miller and Alaska Right to Life.

On October 7, David Luntz, a registered member of the Constitution Party, was elected to the Deltana Community Corporation Board. The Board is the local government akin to county governments elsewhere. The Board now has two members of the Constitution Party: the first, whose term was not up this year, is Pam Goode.

There’s more about Pam Goode, but let me back up a minute.
In 2010, Tea Party favorite, Joe Miller, did what few candidates can lay claim to — he defeated a powerful incumbent U.S. Senator. In 2002, Lisa Murkowski was appointed to the United States Senate by her father, to finish his when he became the governor.  She was elected to run for a full term in 2004, and was a favorite among the elites on Capitol Hill.
In a political upset, Joe Miller won the primary and was in position to become the U.S. Senator from Alaska. However, the political insiders had something else in mind. Huge sums of money were pumped into the November election to support Murkowski as a write-in candidate. Surprise … she won.
Joe Miller is still a popular political leader in Alaska, has just given his endorsement to Pam Goode in her race for House District Nine. Pam Goode is running a hard charging race — and was recently endorsed by Alaska Right to Life.
Endorsements, while exciting and bringing attention to our candidates and party, don’t tilt elections in and of themselves. “Boots on the ground,” and investments by loyal Constitution members do.
I urge you to visit Pam Goode’s website — we have just eight days to go.
Frank Fluckiger
National Chairman
It seems as if the Constitution Party is going to make a push for that State Representative seat with any spare money they have.

6 thoughts on “Constitution Party Makes Gains in Alaska

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    CP people seem to think Pam Goode has a shot, as long as they get an infusion of money over the next couple days. I’ll be following the results with interest.

  2. Andy

    “Trent Hill Post author

    October 28, 2014 at 2:00 pm

    CP people seem to think Pam Goode has a shot, as long as they get an infusion of money over the next couple days. I’ll be following the results with interest.”

    Any relation to Virgil Goode?

  3. Jed Ziggler

    Could someone categorize this under “Constitution Party” instead of “Uncategorized”? It’s not a big deal, more of a site tidiness issue.

    Alaska seems to be one of the few bright spots for the CP this year. I already previously reported on Luntz’s election, Goode’s campaign is strong, and J.R. Myers has brought a lot of attention to the state party. I’m still generally pessimistic about the national party’s future though.

  4. paulie

    David, no, it’s a long-term party.

    The Reform Party is still around as well, although far smaller than in its prime. Many long term parties have relatively short term surges in one state or another, then decline after a few years. I’ve seen it all too many times.

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