Illinois Herald Endorses Two Greens for Congress

From Mark Wachtler at the Illinois Herald:

News outlets don’t typically endorse third party candidates. But then the Illinois Herald is no typical news outlet. We publish independent news for independent thinkers and independent voters. And in the races for US House of Representative in Illinois’ 5th and 12th Congressional Districts, the Illinois Herald proudly and energetically endorses two Green Party candidates – Nancy Wade in CD-5 and Paula Bradshaw in CD-12.

Nancy Wade and Paula Bradshaw have much in common. They’re both representatives of the Green Party of Illinois. They’re both campaign veterans, each having run for the same Congressional seats two years ago. And while neither was victorious in 2012, they both finished with a high enough vote total to earn the Illinois Greens ‘major party status’ in the 5th and 12th Districts. And that turned into an unforeseen blessing when Illinois Democrats kicked the entire slate of Green Party candidates off the 2014 General Election ballot in Illinois. The only two Green nominees left standing and appearing on the November ballot are Nancy Wade and Paula Bradshaw.

Your author has personally met Nancy Wade on multiple occasions and had the pleasure of taking some time to talk to her. She’s a genuinely nice, gracious, intelligent, humble person. Those are just some of the reasons the Illinois Herald is proud to endorse Nancy Wade for US Congress. While we may not agree with her on every issue, she seems an honest and uncorruptable candidate and would be a refreshing addition to the US House of Representatives.

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