Prohibition Party Now to Receive Full Pennock Trust Income

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According to the National Prohibitionist, the entirety of the George L. Pennock Trust has been restored to the Prohibition Party after half was withheld due to a 2007 settlement with longtime chairman and five-time presidential nominee Earl Dodge.  Dodge died in late 2007, but the PNC Bank of Pittsburgh continued to give half of the trust to his defunct organization — until now.

Though the Prohibition Party National Committee sent evidence and a court order to the PNC Bank in 2009 showing that the Dodge group no longer operated, the bank still sent the checks to the address on file for the Dodge group.  The Post Office returned each check sent after Dodge’s death to the bank, where they were held in escrow.

Now, nearly seven years after Dodge’s death, the bank has realized its error (due to an employment issue) and has decided to send the amount in escrow back to the National Committee, which will now also receive the full amount allocated per annum.

George L. Pennock, a wealthy Prohibition Party supporter and 1926 Pennsylvania gubernatorial nominee (winning 1.30 percent of the vote), set up the trust in his will upon his death in 1937.  Since 1939, the trust has paid about $8,000 annually to assist the Prohibition Party in its operating expenses.  Half of the funds go to the Pennsylvania Prohibition Committee.

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  1. William Saturn Post author

    The National Prohibitionist also featured a story about Prohibition in India. Certain states prohibit alcohol there both because of Muslim (and some Hindu) customs as well as appreciation for the anti-alcohol views of Gandhi. Perhaps the Party is open to welcoming such individuals (in the United States) as I suggested several months ago.

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