Three Minor Party Legislators, and One Independent Legislator, Have No Opponents

Rusty Kidd

From Ballot Access News:

Four incumbent state legislators who are not Democratic or Republican nominees are virtually certain to be re-elected next month, because no opponent to them is on the ballot.

Rusty Kidd, Georgia’s only independent state legislator, has no opponents. He didn’t need to submit a petition signed by 5% of the registered voters because Georgia law exempts independent and minor party incumbents from petitioning.

In Vermont, three Progressive Party legislators running for re-election have no opponent. They are Christopher Pearson in the Chittenden 6-4 district, Mollie Burke in the Windham 2-2 district, and Sandy Haas in the Windsor-Rutland district. The Chittenden 6-4 district elects two members and the only two candidates are Pearson and a Democrat.

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