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Independent American Party Retains Ballot Status in NM & UT, Loses in AZ

The Independent American Party is now ballot-qualified in at least two states following Tuesday’s election, one by simply not running a candidate (due to the sometimes confusing intricacies of ballot access law).

However in Arizona, the state’s affiliate, Americans Elect of Arizona, lost qualified status. Its nominee, J.L. Mealer, polled less than 1% for governor, well shy of the 5% needed to retain ballot access. According to Richard Winger of Ballot Access News, the party can still stay on the ballot if “it gets its registration up to two-thirds of 1% of the state total, which is very unlikely.”

In New Mexico, the IAP retained ballot status simply by not fielding a gubernatorial candidate.

In Utah, the state party retained ballot access by polling over 2% for Attorney General. The party’s nominee in that race was Leslie D. Curtis.

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