Constitution Party Congressional Nominee Outpolled Democratic Opponent in 2 Counties

Janine Hansen

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

At the November 4, 2014 election, Constitution Party congressional nominee Janine Hansen outpolled her Democratic opponent in Elko and Eureka Counties. In the second district as a whole, Hansen polled 6.33% and the Democrat, Kristen Spees, polled 27.93%.

In Elko County, Hansen received 1,504 votes and Spees received 1,326. In Eureka County, Hansen received 106 and Spees received 56. Here is a link to the Nevada Secretary of State’s election returns for U.S. House. The Nevada Secretary of State, unlike the election officials of all other states, has designed an election returns web page that features pictures of the Democratic and Republican nominees, and their vote totals, while ignoring all other candidates, unless the viewer clicks an additional link. To see all the candidates who were on the ballot, one must press the “view details” button for any particular race.

2 thoughts on “Constitution Party Congressional Nominee Outpolled Democratic Opponent in 2 Counties

  1. Cody Quirk

    No surprise. Janine had the backing of the Tea Party, plus the Democratic candidate was highly underfunded and didn’t even bother to campaign much in the northeastern part of the state- where Janine’s base is.

  2. paulie

    It’s somewhat related to the news out of Alaska about the Democrats not being on the elections commission. Seems that they are starting to become a third party in parts of the West 🙂

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