Tom Hoefling: Principles are Free, but Activism Costs

Tom and Siena Hoefling

From America’s Party National Chairman Tom Hoefling at his new blog, The Life and Liberty Report:

Principles don’t cost money. That’s one of the reasons America’s Party takes no financial contributions whatsoever. We don’t want money interests anywhere near our principles.

However, organization, activism, communications, and personnel do require funds – at least in modest amounts – to be effective.

Our only channel for that funding is through the Friends of Life and Liberty.

Can you help us keep the lights burning this month? We don’t need much, but we do need some. Our monthly budget is a bare-bones $2000.

We have to get moving on meeting the January needs. The bills continue to come due, whether anyone hits the Paypal link or not.

Please do what you can today.

The donate link is in the top right corner here:

Thank you!

Tom and Siena

PS … while you’re here, if you haven’t already, sign up! We need good writers and news aggregators, so that we can continue to have the most informed Friends in America. And we think you’ll like the new platform.

6 thoughts on “Tom Hoefling: Principles are Free, but Activism Costs

  1. Bill Hulderson

    Tom Hoefling is one of the few individuals I’ve met in third party politics who genuinely is not a good person. He is simply making money off of people, as is Keyes. Hoefling has a very lofty view of himself and Mr. Keyes–both of whom are just washed up former also-rans.

  2. paulie

    I’ve heard that from several people. I can’t remember ever meeting the guy though, so while I would be cautious, I’ll reserve judgement unless and until I meet the man myself.

  3. Cody Quirk

    Yes, heard a lot of negative things about him too; though leaving those things aside, he is very much like Michael Peroutka in his ideology, except for his neocon views on foreign policy.

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