Green, Libertarian in Four-Way Maine Special Election

Ron Huber

From Mark Wachtler at Opposition News:

When Maine State Representative Elizabeth Dickerson announced she was resigning her seat and moving to Colorado last month, just ten days after taking office, a Special Election was announced to replace the Rockland Democrat. With the ballot finalized for the March 10th Special Election, voters will have four candidates to choose from – a Democrat, a Republican, a Green and a Libertarian.

Maine Special Election

Maine may be a deep blue Democratic Party state, but State House District 93 is anything but a sure thing for Democrats. Just this past November, the just-resigned Elizabeth Dickerson barely beat her Republican opponent 51-49 percent. The vote was so close, the two candidates were separated by only 132 votes. Now, just four months later, voters will return to the polls to vote again. Only this time, they will have four candidates to pick from.

From an observational perspective, both the Green candidate and the Libertarian candidate should garner an unusual amount of press coverage. While nobody likes the term ‘spoiler’, this race has all the ingredients for one. Based on the results from four months ago, if the Libertarian candidate, Shawn Levasseur, gets one percent more than the Green candidate, Ron Huber, the Democrat could win.

More likely, since the Green Independent Party is much larger in Maine than the Libertarian Party, the Greens will draw a large enough block of voters away from the Democrats and the Republican candidate will take home a surprise victory. But anything can happen with Maine’s famously independent voters. Neither the Green nor the Libertarian can be ruled out in bringing home their own surprise win next month.

Green Candidate – Ron Huber

Proving that the Green candidate has a leg up on his Libertarian counterpart already, the Bangor Daily News in Maine publicized Ron Huber’s candidacy announcement while failing to even mention the Libertarian candidate by name. ‘Huber is executive director of Friends of Penobscot Bay,’ the news account reported, ‘He has been involved in numerous environmental efforts to clean up the bay. Over the years, he has been involved in many Searsport matters, including the recent fight over the proposed liquid propane gas tank and the battle over the future of Sears Island.’

The Green Independent Party of Maine is the official affiliate of the national Green Party. This author couldn’t find a campaign website for Ron Huber, or a campaign Facebook page for that matter. But the state Green Party has a fundraising site on the Green Independent’s own website where supporters can help Mr. Huber in his campaign for State Representative.

Libertarian Candidate – Shawn Levasseur

The Libertarian Party candidate in the March 10th Special Election for Maine State Representative is Shawn Levasseur. According to his candidacy announcement, ‘Shawn Levasseur currently serves as a member of the Knox County Budget Committee. He ran for the State House before in 1998 and 2000, when the district only encompassed Rockland. He is a former state chairman of the Libertarian Party of Maine and currently serving as its treasurer.’

Levasseur says one of his key issues is the state’s recently passed budget, which he warns will be carried on the backs of local charities and non-profits. “As much as I believe that the level of government that spends money ought to be the level of government that is responsible for raising that money,” he says, “I’m especially concerned by the plan to offset the losses to municipalities from revenue sharing by giving them the power to tax non-profits. It’s essentially a new tax, throwing non-profit organizations under the bus.”

The Libertarian Party candidate admits he isn’t just running for State Representative with the hopes of winning the election. He also hopes to use his candidacy in the effort to award the Libertarian Party of Maine with Major Party Status, like the Democrats, Republicans and Greens currently have there. Shawn Levasseur says that if the Party can register 5,000 Libertarians by December 1st, the Party will qualify as a Major Party. In Maine, major party candidates don’t need to circulate stacks of ballot access petitions, but instead are automatically ballot qualified after their respective Party nominates them.

For more information, visit the Maine Green Independent Party or the Libertarian Party of Maine. Catch all the latest news and announcements from both the Greens and the Libertarians in Maine streaming live 24/7 on the Maine Page in the Opposition News States Section.

2 thoughts on “Green, Libertarian in Four-Way Maine Special Election

  1. Rob Banks

    1) Surprised to hear Levasseur is running. I don’t think the LP has publicized that at all, or did I miss it?

    2) “Maine may be a deep blue Democratic Party state,”

    Is it? There’s a conservative Republican governor, elected twice. Another senator/recent governor is a moderate independent. Recent senator was a moderate Republican. Sounds like a purple state, maybe.

    3) “In Maine, major party candidates don’t need to circulate stacks of ballot access petitions, but instead are automatically ballot qualified after their respective Party nominates them.”

    Is this actually true?

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