Real News Network: How Jill Stein got into politics

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

p Jill Stein2012 Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein (who recently launched an exploratory campaign for the 2016 presidential race) was the subject of an in-depth interview on the Real New Network’s Reality Asserts Itself.

While some supporters may be familiar with Jill Stein’s transformation from a medical doctor to a practitioner of “political medicine”, Paul Jay’s interview delves deeper than normal into Dr. Stein’s personal history and evolution from the daughter of a middle-class Chicago Jewish family growing up in the 1950s to the candidate and movement leader who a growing number of Americans are getting to know today.

Watch Part 1 of the interview here or on the Real News Network (with transcript):

2 thoughts on “Real News Network: How Jill Stein got into politics

  1. Joshua Fauver

    I thought this was a really great series. She did a great job of articulating her beliefs, her story, her ideas. She did an outstanding job. I was really impressed with her performance in this interview.

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