Vermont Progressive Party State Committee Statement on Healthcare

From the VT Progressive Party website:

The following resolution on healthcare was adopted by the VT Progressive Party’s State Committee on Feb. 22, 2015.

The Vermont Progressive Party believes health care is a human right, not just for who can afford it. It is not a commodity, nor should it be a resource ruled by market-based solutions. We believe in the best sense of the phrase, it is a public good and should be publicly financed. 

As Progressives and Vermonters, we believe it is imperative to continue working hard together, transparently, creatively, to finish what we’ve started and lead Vermont to be the first state with a publicly financed universal health care system.

We are committed to supporting elected leaders who will take the lead on developing health care policy that includes the following elements:

•universal comprehensive healthcare for all Vermont residents;
•prioritization of health care dollars for patient care and community health;
•adoption of a fair tax system to replace premiums that guarantees that this system will be financed in an equitable way, giving immense relief to low and middle income people who are currently burdened with disproportionately high healthcare costs.

We would also support incremental steps towards universal healthcare such as universal free primary care or universal free hospital care if they are publicly financed through taxes based on the ability to pay.

The Vermont Progressive Party will not back down, despite the current crisis of leadership in the state on finding a path to universal health care.

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