Freedom Socialist Party Solidarity Statement to the February 28, 2015 TPR Rally

From the FSP website:

FSP Solidarity Statement to the February 28, 2015 TPR rally calling for the recall of U.S. Ambassador Noah Mamet

The Freedom Socialist Party, U.S. stands in solidarity with the protest organized by TPR at the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires. We support the demand that U.S. Ambassador Noah Mamet immediately cease interfering in internal Argentine affairs by meeting with representatives of right wing organizations in an effort to capitalize on the current government crisis and that he be recalled to the U.S. This crisis takes place in the wake of the murder of Alberto Nisman, an Argentine state prosecutor and chief investigator of the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in which 85 people died.

We vehemently disagree with those calling for the intervention of the FBI and the CIA to investigate the circumstances surrounding Nisman’s murder. These agencies have nothing to do with seeking truth or justice. The CIA spawns subversion and death squads to further the imperialist designs of Wall Street, as you know. Not even the people of the U.S. know how much tax money goes to the CIA every year to subvert democracy and uphold U.S. corporate interests around the world. As for what the enormous staff of the CIA does abroad, even the U.S.Congress is kept in the dark. And the FBI is the domestic equivalent of political police whose main job these days is to spy on antiwar activists and entice young people to plan supposed “acts of terrorism” with the operational help of undercover FBI agents. There is absolutely no way these two agencies can be trusted as truth seekers.

We join TPW in demanding that the Obama administration recall Ambassador Mamet to the U.S. immediately. We recognize that the long and continuing practice of using U.S. ambassadors to carry out the interests of imperialism in Latin America disgraces the people of the U.S. and brings terrible pain and suffering to our sisters and brothers in this hemisphere. We also denounce the delegation of U.S. congress persons that arrived in Argentina earlier this month to capitalize on the current political upheaval and promote U.S. business interests. Their arrival was another example of blatant imperialist intervention in Argentina, an act coordinated no doubt by Ambassador Noah Mamet.

Recall Ambassador Mamet to the U.S. immediately

End U.S. interference in Argentine domestic affairs

No to an investigation by the CIA and FBI into Alberto Nisman’s death

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