PLAN-SS From Outer Space candidate Robert Milnes leads revolutionary resistance against Jews, Zionists


PLANSS founder Milnes gives a speech.

William Saturn reports at the Saturnalian:

2016 Libertarian Party presidential candidate and Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy (PLAS) founder Robert Milnes has formed a new electoral coalition. This time it includes Nazis.

Milnes announced the plan Wednesday on The PLAS Place blog. He calls it PLANSS, or the Progressive Libertarian Alliance with National Socialists Strategy. The idea likely spawned from an exclusive Saturnalian interview with neo-Nazi blogger Vernon from last week. When asked about Milnes, Vernon wrote:

“I think he has a good idea about united Libertarians and Progressives, but we should include National Socialists too. . . . So basically a progressive-libertarian- alliance with national socialists (PLANS) to take it one step past PLAS. Oh and I also like Milnes being anti zionist and talking about deporting niggers.”


Vernon refers to Milnes’s plan to send blacks back to Africa, and alludes to Milnes’s criticism of Israel. According to Milnes, Israel is responsible for his eviction this past May.

After being made aware of Vernon’s comment, Milnes openly asked, “[Is] [t]he enemy of my enemy . . . my friend?” He then posted the blog announcing his formation of PLANSS. Vernon reposted the announcement on his 88Fourteen blog.

In explaining his decision to include Nazis in PLANSS, Milnes wrote:

The Jewish population in USA is about 2%. 100% of the court and officers of the Court [for Milnes’s eviction hearing] were Jewish EXCEPT the tenant/defendant [Milnes himself]. I am elderly, on SSI disability/indigent and living alone.
What is wrong with this picture?

[I]f the Nazis were to conduct peaceful demonstrations endorsing PLAS, calling for an end to the ZOG [Zionist Occupation Government] government and calling for investigations of ZOG atrocities including possible kidnapping and/or murder of third party persons and/or their supporters . . . [and] as to whether a particular eviction was lawful, . . . it might rouse the progressives and libertarians and the voters.

Milnes hopes to conduct a PLANSS rally this Monday and Tuesday in Camden, New Jersey, to protest both Zionism and his eviction.

More recently, noted political mastermind Milnes explained his thoughts further:

Just look at Roseanne Barr’s pro [Netanyahu] rant in Jewish owned IPR and Facebook. Evidently Jews will support Israel no matter what their own personal beliefs, political or religious. By saying Zog instead of Jog I’m giving Jews the benefit of the doubt which may actually be not the case. All Jews are possible Israeli/Zionist agents, lackeys or dupes.


Jill Stein is the reported by Zog control media the presumptive front runner for the Green party presidential nomination in 2016. She and Barr were the frontrunners in 2012. Both are coincidentally? Jewish…


Is Stein the Zog candidate for the Green Party for 2016 or not? Is Gary Johnson the Zog candidate for the Libertarian party for 2016 or not?

Even before bringing National Socialists on board, Milnes already had a winning coalition of Libertarians and Greens that could win with 40% in a three-way race for POTUS by allowing the progressive Milnes to be on top (of the ticket) and a Libertarian woman to be on the bottom. By bringing nazis into the coalition, Milnes showed a further stroke of genius: the United States is a good start but not nearly enough. The genius contained in this plan is that National Socialists could have won WWII, and wiped out Z/JOG once and for all, if they had only allied with a Libertarian-Progressive coalition run USA. Together, Germany and the USA could have taken over the world and finished J/ZOG once and for all. And then? Well, then, nazi flying saucers would have taken on the hook-nosed shape shifting alien reptiles from space and their flying saucers and liberated our Galaxy and the whole universe. This new larger strategy was revealed by Milnes in morse coded strokes as he masturbated in front of his television to a news anchor from Russia TV, who was observing and recording his coded message thru his TV set.

Aside from being the leader and top strategist of the galactic resistance, Milnes was a leading candidate for the Boston Tea Party presidential nomination in 2012 along with others such Billy Roper of White Revolution. Milnes has frequently called for the BTP, which is currently on the ballot in zero states and was disbanded in 2012, to be revived. The Greater Boston Tea Party could not be reached for comment at press time.

15 thoughts on “PLAN-SS From Outer Space candidate Robert Milnes leads revolutionary resistance against Jews, Zionists

  1. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    I assume this is an April Fool’s article. Even so, I’d take it down. Someone might Google Milnes’s name and not get the satire. You wouldn’t want your name mistakenly associated with Nazis.

  2. Stewart Flood

    Yes, but considering past posts regarding this stupid PLAS idea, this might actually be a real post. I doubt it is, but it could be…

  3. paulie Post author

    It is not an April Fools post (OK, maybe the part about communicating in Morse code and UFO battles for the galaxy near the end was embellished; I’ll let you know tomorrow).[The part about two-way communication with newscasters by masturbating in front of his TV is absolutely verifiable though]. As for the main part of the post… Follow the links to Saturn’s blog at which was posted in October, not April. Saturn, in turn, sources everything he reports there. See Milnes’ many comment on various articles on Saturn’s blog, or his own blog at .

    The additional quotes from Milnes that were not part of Saturn’s original post from October are accurate. Sources:

    1) Body of post at

    2) Comments at

  4. Stewart Flood

    The post is still a fake. It says this just happened, when in fact it was last year. 🙂

  5. paulie Post author

    That part just quotes Saturn’s article, which said it had just happened at the time it was posted in October. The quote is sourced, so the quoting by IPR is accurate, as was the reporting in the quoted material.

  6. Martin Passoli

    In Saturnalian comments Milnes also often calls on various people’s graves to get dug up. One of the American neo-nazi leader William Pierce of Turner Diaries fame, who he believes may be actually still alive and held captive in Israel or some other location by ZOG agents.

  7. Stewart Flood

    By fake I meant an April Fools Joke. It was good, even if it does indirectly promote Milnes.

  8. Stewart Flood

    Yup. We tend to stand around shining the tin foil helmets that others are wearing.

  9. paulie Post author

    Sheesh, no wonder why the major parties are still going strong.

    There are tons of wacko fringe “candidates” in the establishment parties, too.

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