Charges Against Kshama Sawant & Two Co-Defendants Dropped

Email blast from 15 Now (dated 5/1/15):

All charges against Councilmember Sawant, Reverend John Helmiere, and Alaska Airlines baggage handler Socrates Bravo were thrown out today as the judge heard the City of Seatac’s case and found it uncompelling.

“The city decided to treat it like the crime of the century, yet could not prove their case,” remarked Dmitri Iglitzin, lawyer for the defendants.

“This ruling has not only vindicated us, but has really vindicated the voters of the city of Seatac who voted in the $15 minimum wage law and all the low-wage workers around the nation who are currently in a battle for $15 an hour,”said Councilmember Sawant.

Councilmember Sawant went on to say that the fight is not over, we will continue our work to ensure Seatac airport workers get what they’re owed, and importantly, to spread this victory far and wide.

Alaska Airlines – which has netted more than $700 million in profits in the last year and half – should be charged with robbery. They refuse to follow the new law and pay their workers a $15 minimum wage, filing lawsuit after lawsuit in an attempt to throw their weight around and overturn the democratic will of the voters. They are the real criminals.

“Justice prevailed today. This was a victory for low-wage workers everywhere,” exclaimed Reverend Helmiere.

Justice prevailed, indeed. But, we’re not done. On this May Day, we will use this victory to boost our movements – the Fight for $15, for an end to deportations, for justice for Freddie Gray and all other victims of police brutality, and for workers’ rights to be strengthened.

But, the fight against income inequality will not be corporate sponsored. We will only win if more brave people like Councilmember Sawant, Socrates Bravo, and Reverend Helmiere stand up, get organized, and demand justice. We will only win if we all join this struggle, stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our brothers and sisters, and build a powerful movement that spreads $15 across the country.

10 thoughts on “Charges Against Kshama Sawant & Two Co-Defendants Dropped

  1. virginiagunner

    If ‘Zed Ziggler’ wrote this article, or approves of the spin, he should stop calling himself a Libertarian because he clearly has no idea what it means. Just go with socialist, Zed. You are the antithesis of what Libertarianism is about.

    And stopping deportations? If you support illegal immigrants AND higher wages, you are one seriously confused puppy. Those positions are diametrically opposed to anyone with common sense and a basic grasp of economics.

  2. paulie

    He didn’t write the article, it clearly says at the top that it is an email blast from the group 15 Now. The vast majority of IPR articles are reposts from a wide variety of groups with different political views associated with alt parties and independent candidates of all sorts of different views – libertarians, moderates, greens, marxists, theocrats, nazis, you name it. Posting it has nothing whatsoever to do with whether we agree with it or not – we’re just keeping our readers informed about what alt parties and independents are doing and saying and providing a place for discussion. You owe Jed (not Zed) an apology.

    I’ll go with stop deportations, though. I’m not for illegal immigration – it should be made legal – but yes, the ridiculous regime restrictions on migration deserve to be ignored and evaded in the meantime, because regimes should never have the authority to pass such insane and ludicrous edicts in the first place, and because they are an affront to basic humanity. Imagine “border controls” and migration restrictions on every block and you might grasp what I mean.

    Regarding higher wages, I do support higher wages, but not as a regime edict – that would just put people out of work, cause small businesses to go belly up, and raise prices for consumers – but as a natural consequence of improved economic conditions which put upward pressure on wages. Since increased immigration tends to improve the economy, it creates more jobs and better paying jobs for everyone, without government force. See for much, much more.

  3. Jed Ziggler Post author

    To “Girginia Gunner”: I reposted an email blast from 15 Now, as it clearly states at the top of this article. Learn to read.

    I post all kinds of articles at IPR, not just ones I agree with. It’s called objectivity, something that is sorely lacking in the lamestream media.

    “And stopping deportations? If you support illegal immigrants AND higher wages, you are one seriously confused puppy.”

    There is no such thing as illegal immigration. Immigration is a natural human right. Wages should be decided by the market, not the State.

  4. Joshua Katz

    >Alaska Airlines – which has netted more than $700 million in profits in the last year and half – >should be charged with robbery. They refuse to follow the new law and pay their workers a >$15 minimum wage, filing lawsuit after lawsuit in an attempt to throw their weight around and >overturn the democratic will of the voters. They are the real criminals.

    While I certainly agree that the defendants here were wrongly accused, I believe it would also be wrong to charge an airline (and jail its executive officers? or someone?) for ‘filing lawsuit after lawsuit.’ I would hope that Sawant and co-defendants reflect on the experience of being unfairly jailed and not call for it in the case of other non-criminals.

    Sawant, certainly, has every right to continue the fight to repeal the laws of economics, and the rest of us have the right to continue the fight to repeal absurd laws, or have them thrown out in court, if applicable.

    It is possible that I know nothing of economics, of course (although it strikes me as unlikely) but I do not see a contradiction between unlimited immigration and higher wages – although I’ll grant that the level of 101 it would seem that this is a contradiction. Markets, though, have abilities to equilibrate. More people means more innovation, leading to higher wages in general, particularly if paired with other free-market regulations. Unlimited immigration most certainly does not lower real wages, even if, under certain circumstances (such as sending money home, which never finds its way back through trade) it can lower nomimal wages.

  5. Green_w_o_Adjectives

    I think anyone who thinks that there is a necessary correlation between “higher wages” and “immigration” in some kind of abstract formulaic way, without looking at the concrete factors and externalities involved, has a pretty naive understanding of economics. Immigration can result in higher wages and lower wages, depending, among other things, on WHO is immigrating.

    The fact that immigration might lead to depressed wages for native born, unskilled American workers should not be blamed so much on immigrants (although border/immigration control is probably necessary) but rather on the capitalist system itself, which requires a certain level of unemployment in order to discipline the workforce and keep wages low.

    It is probably true that in a world capitalist economy, the U.S. will suffer economically if they try to buck the wishes of their billionaire overlords. However, that should not stop us from imagining what an economy characterized by authentic liberty and opportunity as well as full employment would look like, if the entire world could somehow overcome their slavemasters and their governments.

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  7. Joshua Katz

    Matt, I also can’t follow that comment. I hope GWOA will elaborate more. I can’t even tell if I’m being criticized or not. On the one hand, I specifically didn’t say that immigration will always and everywhere raise wages for everyone, just denied that higher wages and free immigration are contradictory. On the other hand, I’m the only person who said anything remotely close to that, so maybe it is aimed at me?

    For the record, if, in fact, open immigration led to lower real wages for those already here, I’d be in favor of it anyway. It doesn’t even really bother me (although that is not a great basis for a campaign, I’ll grant.) I know it sounds horrible and uncaring, but I say the same about the opposite opinion – I care about the increase in wages for those who take the trouble to come here more than the relatively well off already here. I say that “immigration is ok only if it does not lower American wages” simply privileges some, allowing them to enjoy above-market wages, and in particular prevents the victims of American economic foreign policy from taking the best reaction allowed them by markets to seek equilibrium.

    As I see it, for a long time wealth was brought into this country through our foreign policy – unearned, stolen wealth. The average American didn’t complain. Now that wealth is being consolidated in the hands of only a few Americans – why complain now, if you didn’t complain when it was done to others?

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