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Mark Wachtler: Beware of Republicrats Posing as the Opposition

From Mark Wachtler at Opposition News:

Here is a strategic question for opposition party leaders. We all agree our primary target is the American people and our goal is to open their eyes to the corruption and destruction that Republicans and Democrats are inflicting on our country. We want them to switch sides and join us in the opposition. But what about the leaders, facilitators and even the family members of those same Democrats and Republicans? Can we trust them or is it a grand act of infiltration and sabotage?

The following article was originally published one week ago by Opposition News’ sister publication Whiteout Press.

For the second time in five years, there is a group of political revolutionaries determined to end the corrupt and rigged political and economic system perpetrated on the 99 percent by the 1 percent. The only problem is that these revolutionaries are the 1 percent. Can they be trusted to lead a peaceful rebellion against themselves? They claim to be reformers, corruption-busters and non-partisan independents. We’re not sure what to make of them.

The name of the movement, organization, idea and website is or Represent Us. Registered as a non-profit charity, the group was launched in 2012 and is reported to have raised millions of dollars in donations. Their website is expensive and professional and their Board of Advisors is a who’s who of the 1%. In fact, the information provided by said all the right things, but came from all the wrong places. The high priced grassroots campaign, an oxymoron in itself, looked very familiar to this author. It took only a few seconds to remember where we’d seen some of the same names, corporations and wealthy donors before – Americans Elect.

Yes, the ‘non-political party’ political party created to elect a US President in 2012 by bypassing the Republican and Democrat parties was called Americans Elect. But it was made up of the same Republican and Democrat operatives and donors that have, and continue to, corrupt America in the first place, including the Rothschild family. Read the 2012 Whiteout Press article ‘Americans Elect closing in on a Presidential Nominee’ for more information.

Calling it like we see it

As 25-year veterans of the peaceful revolution to take back our country on behalf of the American people, we at Whiteout Press said it in 2012 and we’ll say it again – Wall Street CEO’s, Democrat and Republican Party leaders, Harvard and NYU professors, and the banker-billionaires that have funded all of them for the past 30 years – are not eligible to lead the revolution of the 99% against the wealthy elites that make up the 1%. Sorry, you’re just not. You can help, but you can’t lead.

Whiteout Press readers treasure this author’s ability to call it like we see it. And in the case of both Americans Elect and Represent Us, we see one of two explanations. Either guilt has infected America’s oligarchy and some individuals want to fix the system they and their families have enriched themselves by and they’re going to make sure they’re in charge of the effort. Or some of the oligarchy with enough foresight to see the revolution on the wall are trying to hedge their bets and join the revolution so there is a paper trail of their membership before the peasants with pitchforks storm the castle.


Showing that their message is on target, the website proclaims, ‘We are building a fiercely non-partisan movement to pass tough anti-corruption laws in cities and states across America, and end the legalized corruption that has come to define modern politics. America’s anti-corruption laws are dangerously out of date. With so many perfectly legal ways to exchange money in return for favorable treatment from politicians, “quid-pro-quo” bribery has become obsolete. Our broken system requires the people to buy access to their own government – This is the new face of corruption in the United States.’

Detailing how the organization is accomplishing their goal of ridding America’s political system of corruption, they explain, ‘In November 2014, Tallahassee, Florida passed America’s first municipal Anti-Corruption Act to protect their government from Big Money’s influence. In cities throughout New Jersey, Massachusetts and Illinois, Represent.Us Chapters helped pass Anti-Corruption Resolutions, laying the groundwork for national change. We are building on this momentum to pass Anti-Corruption Acts in several cities and states across the nation in 2015 and 2016, each supported by locally organized Represent.Us chapters. Represent.Us chapters create real, non-partisan, grassroots political power from the bottom up.’

Who is

This author loves when political rebels speak of ‘bottom-up’ grassroots activism. That’s because it is the recipe for success and without it, you end up with an out-of-touch group of too many chiefs and not enough Indians, so to speak, no offense to our Native American friends. But true practitioners of America’s current bottom-up political revolution have certain characteristics in common. Some have lost their jobs for their beliefs. Some live in or near poverty because the government always wins. Their names appear on secret government lists of trouble-makers. They’ve lost their spouses, their kids, their health, their reputation or their freedom for speaking out against corruption.

For newcomers to the trenches of the 99%, that’s what a battle-hardened grassroots activist looks like in 21st century America. The men and women leading don’t seem to embolden the same characteristics. For starters, the organization hires and pays its members rather than rely on volunteers. The non-profit watchdog Charity Navigator didn’t issue a rating on because it says it only rates charities in existence for at least seven years. It does however show with assets of $421,531 and annual income of $1.2 million.

On its website, lists its 17-member ‘team’ along with the announcement, ‘We’re Hiring’. The site also includes the organization’s Board of Advisors. And that’s where more red flags immediately go up. As titled by the group itself, its 28-member Board of Advisers is made up of people with descriptions including:

Investment Banker

Harvard Law School Professor

Ethics Advisor to President George W. Bush

Former Governor of Louisiana


GOP Strategist

Democratic Campaign Consultant

Former Lobbyist

Professor, NYU

Professor, Vermont Law School

Manager and Entertainment Attorney

American Enterprise Institute

Founding Partner, Signa Venture Partners

Master of Public Policy, UC Berkeley

To be fair, there were also two individuals labeled as ‘Tea Party’ leaders and one individual credited with coming from ‘Occupy Wall Street’. But as readers can see, the above list of allegedly anti-corruption, grassroots, bottom-up political leaders doesn’t really fit the bill. It’s not that we at Whiteout Press don’t appreciate the publicity their anti-corruption campaign is generating. We just don’t trust them, any of them, and we have 25 years worth of reasons not to.

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  1. jim bell jim bell May 20, 2015

    Unfortunately, you have fallen into the trap of employing the “1%” meme usually used by the left, “For the second time in five years, there is a group of political revolutionaries determined to end the corrupt and rigged political and economic system perpetrated on the 99 percent by the 1 percent. The only problem is that these revolutionaries are the 1 percent.”

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