Modern Whig Party Unveils New Website

From the newly revamped MWP website:

It’s been a bit of a haul, and as usual with these things took longer than planned, but we’re finally here: The Modern Whig Party of America has launched its new, updated website. And we are ready to roll.

Sometimes, it is nice to have a bit of change and this is especially true in the world of web design. Web design specialists such as are so popular because the world of web design never sleeps and there are always new developments that can make certain websites appear dated straight away. Long-time supporters who were used to the old website are going to notice some changes immediately. One is how much leaner this website is. That’s by design …

The old website was a labor of love on the part of our original members, and they intended it to be both a tool for promoting and growing the party and a platform for our internal debates on policy. It was a great idea, but the tools to really execute it just weren’t available at the time.

Now that we have them, the current Executive Committee decided to revamp our online presence with a new website to serve as a way of introducing ourselves to our fellow citizens, recruit new members and raise funds. A second website — which we’re calling Whig Academy for now — is in development to house our Roundtables, leadership training, detailed policy proposals and some other features which we wanted to preserve, but couldn’t fit here.

Our primary website isn’t complete. Like our party — and our country — it’s a work in progress, and we’ll be adding new content, enabling new features and building out its capabilities as we go along. But it’s a start.

Much of the content on the old website (like our archived blogs) will migrate over soon. Other content will be new, fresh and original, reflecting our party’s determination to be the fount of a national evolution, rather than revolution. We expect our party’s growth and progress to reflect the growth and progress of the nation we are pledged to serve.

In the meantime, please take the time to see where we are now, and consider joining, volunteering, donating, commenting, and generally participating in our mission to reconstitute authentic public service in our governance. The time has come for the People to once again have their say. Join us as we raise our voices — and yours.

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