Libertarian Party appeals for ballot access support


e-mail blast via the Libertarian Party:

Dear Libertarian supporter,

Do you want to absolutely, positively give Libertarian Party candidates the best possible chance of being on the ballot in all fifty states, plus the District of Columbia, in 2016?

In several states, fearful Republican office holders have made it far harder for the LP to put our candidates on the ballot. They’ve increased signatures requirements, moved up filing deadlines, and imposed high filing fees.

Here’s the good news: We can overcome these hurdles and obstacles created by our political opponents.

You, I and our fellow Libertarian Party members have a terrific track record for getting our presidential ticket on the ballot in more states than any other third party.

This makes the LP the most credible and respected party ticket to run on outside the machinery of the two old parties.

Because of this, we’ve attracted blue chip candidates for our presidential ticket. Among them:

  • Governor Gary Johnson
  • Congressmen Ron Paul
  • Best-selling author Harry Browne.
  • US Senator Mike Gravel
  • Congressmen Bob Barr
  • California Superior Court Judge Jim Gray

These luminaries brought in new members and activists to the LP, spread our Libertarian ideas and solutions far and wide, and won millions of Libertarian votes.

We urgently need your help now to get our presidential ticket on the ballot for 2016. We need to pay early petitioning, lobbying and legal costs that are already piling up for election year 2016.


Because early petitioning is far less expensive. Plus:

  • Early petitioning prevents many mistakes – and allows time to recover from any we make.
  • It staves off challenges by our political opponents.
  • It doesn’t just put our presidential ticket on the ballot. In some states, it also puts our state and local candidates on the ballot as well. Big benefit for us!
  • Getting our presidential ticket on the ballot very often “primes the pump” and encourages many Libertarians to run for other offices in the state.
  • A strong top-of-ticket presidential candidate pulls votes for candidates up and down the ballot. It motivates libertarian supporters to go the polls and vote.

Results? In 2012, 15.7 million votes were cast for Libertarian Party candidates.

Ballot access is the Libertarian Party’s lifeblood.

With 2016 approaching fast, we’re already out of the gate, building for ballot access in the presidential election.

We need your help today to replenish our ballot access funds and build for upcoming drives.

We’re wrapping up a major petition drive in Arkansas, which has resulted in not only presidential access but a spike in the number of Libertarian candidates over the past three years since we got full ballot access in the state for the first time.

Great news in Oklahoma, traditionally one of the toughest states for ballot access and a state where the LP has not been on the ballot since 2000.

We paid a lobbyist to ensure house bill HB 2181 got passed– and it paid off big time. Enacted in May, the bill lowers the signature requirement in 2016 for ballot access from 41,188 to 24,712 signatures – still a challenge, but doable.

These Arkansas and Oklahoma efforts combined cost us $28,047.50 – and we’ve only raised $16,578.25 so far to cover them. We need another $11,469.25 to replenish our ballot access budget.

We expect to petition in at least two more states this year – South Dakota and Kentucky – which will cost another $27,500. That’s a total of $38,969.25 that we now know we must raise to fund these 2015 ballot efforts.

Ballot access is grinding, hard work. Lots of management and coordinating of activities. Forms to file. Lawsuits. Lobbying. Collecting, counting, sorting and turning in thousands upon thousands of petition signatures.

Most of this hard work is done by our more active state affiliates and by paid petitioners funded by you and other Libertarian Party members.

The result is what has allowed us to achieve ballot status in thirty states coming off of last year’s election – the highest ever after a midterm and far more than any other third party.

Do you want the LP to continue to be the go-to party that attracts the highest profile candidates and enrolls thousands of new, young Libertarians?

Do you want to see our Libertarian nominee on the general election ballot as an alternative to, say, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush?

Do you want to see our 2016 presidential Libertarian candidate on the ballot in all fifty states, plus D.C. – so that every single voter in every state has the opportunity to cast a vote for liberty?

Please donate today to almost GUARANTEE that our Libertarian Party candidates are on the ballot in virtually every state in America.

If your finances permit, would you, could you donate $5,000 today? It would pay for two thirds of our 2015 Kentucky ballot drive – a huge boost to our efforts.

Maybe you have the means to donate $1,500, which would pay for 750 voter signatures. If so, would you please donate $1,500 today?

Your $400 donation enables us to collect 200 precious petition signatures. If this is affordable for you, would you donate today?

Every little bit helps. We rely on your donations of $250, $125, and $35 to fund our ballot access efforts. If you can, please donate whatever is affordable to you today.

Thank you for your support. 2016 here we come!

Yours in liberty,

Carla Howell
Political Director
National Libertarian Party

30 thoughts on “Libertarian Party appeals for ballot access support

  1. Robert Steele

    Ballot access is one of eight necessary reforms in a rigged system that will never, ever, allow Libertarians or Greens or Independents full voice and vote. I would be very glad to help flesh this appeal out and see Libertarians lead the charge on achieving all eight reforms in time to elect many candidates to Congress in 2016. Learn more at

  2. NewFederalist

    Give it a rest, already! We get it! You have all the answers. Now move along before you get banned.

  3. Robert Steele

    You don’t get it, but since you seem certain you represent everyone, please do run for the presidential nomination. I am acting on your advice and unsubscribing.

  4. NewFederalist

    Just a friendly warning… if you keep hijacking every thread with all your great ideas as others have done it wears thin fairly quickly. Perhaps you are right… I don’t get it. I do know this, Donald Trump has a huge ego and he’s running for president as well. The difference between Trump and you is he at least has MONEY.

  5. Mark Axinn

    Well, they both sought (and in Barr’s case) obtained the nomination.

    Whether they are blue-chip and luminaries is obviously a point of some contention, but they all were men of prestige who attended our conventions and sought the LP nomination for national office.

    If you’re looking for corrections in Carla’s copy, I would question Congressmen Ron Paul. It would be great if he could clone in addition to delivering so many babies, but I believe he is only one person.

  6. Andy

    It depends on what your definition of being someone of prestige is. I am not automatically impressed with fancy titles.

    I have spoken to Carla Howell on numerous occasions, and I know that she was never a fan of Bob Barr, and I doubt that she supported the idea of Mike Gravel as Libertarian Party candidate. She is more supportive of Gary Johnson, although she disagrees with him on the Fair Tax issue.

  7. Fair Voter

    Cloning Ron Paul would at least be better than cloning “Congressmen Bob Barr”

  8. NewFederalist

    Point of order, Mr. Chairman (or gender neutral equivalent)… Congressman (or Congresswoman) is really not a correct title. The correct form is U.S. Representative which just happens to be gender neutral. 😉

  9. Mark Axinn


    I always prefer to call them Congresscritters (other than Dr. Paul of course).

  10. Contrarian Libertarian Parliamentarian

    Representatives tend to prefer “Congressman/woman” actually. It sounds more impressive and commanding of respect, whereas “Representative” is ambiguous and generic-sounding. For the same reason Senators hate it if you call them that instead of “Senator,” even though it’s technically equally correct.

    If you watch official press releases and the like from legislative offices, about they only time they’ll use Representative instead of Congressman/woman is in its abbreviated form, e.g. Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA).

  11. paulie

    Also, thanks in large part to LPAR (especially Dr. Pakko, then treasurer, now chair), the LNC/EC, LP donors, and to over 15,000 Arkansans who signed, including over 11,000 who signed legibly and correctly enough to be identified as registered voters by the state.

  12. Contrarian Libertarian Parliamentarian

    Carla’s list of high-profile LP presidential candidates, in the email blast.

  13. paulie

    Ah. That didn’t even occur to me. I was thinking either the list of people we were thanking for helping get Arkansas on the ballot in the last few comments (although that would not make much sense) or the list “Fair Voter” posted on another thread this morning:

    Robert Steele combines the strategic acumen of Robert Milnes with the CIA background of Bob Barr, the unifying coalition teambuilding insights of James Ogle with the world power player savoir faire of Daniel Imperato. He has the multipartisan adroitness of Robby Wells and the grace and humility of Wayne Root, nearly as much charisma as George Phillies and the realpolitik skills and integrity of Gene Chapman. We should be thankful that such an impressive statesman has come to our collective rescue at this most opportune time!

  14. Jill Pyeatt

    The above paragraph (which Paulie quotes) is a power paragraph, indeed! Someone’s been paying attention.

  15. paulie

    I would guess George isn’t pleased!

    With the LP getting on the ballot in Arkansas? George who…Bush? Stephanopolous?


  16. paulie

    The above paragraph (which Paulie quotes) is a power paragraph, indeed! Someone’s been paying attention.

    It’s really a shame there are very few people who could appreciate all the references.

  17. Andy Craig

    A shame? Or examples of the LP being saved from embarrassment by obscurity?

  18. paulie

    Not all the references there are to the LP. They are to a bevvy of candidates who have brought a great deal of entertainment, albeit to a very select audience.

  19. Humongous Fungus

    That’s only because we talk about alt parties, mostly the LP, here.

    Take, for comparison, this description of the leading establishment party contenders from another thread this morning:

    “In this musical chairs contest for the world’s highest seat of power, let us laugh at the busted tail-bones and wounded grimaces, as the injured egos limp off-stage. The short, frowny clown with the red-and-grey powder-puff toupee. The fat blustering psychopath lifted straight from “the Sopranos.” The (parched) noncommittal youngster who won’t tell us whether he inhaled pot smoke “because knowing for sure might set a bad example for the children,” (such as “honesty,” I guess). The union-busting ball-park-protectionist. The doddering abolitionist of “Ooops,” (now with serious-looking glasses). America’s patronizing socialist Marie Antoinette, inattentive and self-aggrandizing. A CEO (of a company that foundered under her guidance). The guided-by-faith neurosurgeon from the last era of neurosurgery to not really understand the brain in any significant detail. Two confused, elderly totalitarians with wiry white hair, neither of whom likes the other, in spite of their similarities.”

    And that doesn’t even get into the dozens (hundreds?) of longshot contenders for establishment party presidential nominations that few people have ever heard of.

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