Chief Wana Dubie running for U.S. Senate in Missouri

WanaDubie Political activist Chief Wana Dubie, who ran for the Missouri state legislature as a Libertarian in 1994 and 2006 but whose 2008 gubernatorial bid was rejected by the party, announced Wednesday that he will run for U.S. Senate as an independent. According to The Salem News, he told a crowd of about 100, “It’s going to be Dubie versus Blunt in 2016. Sen. [Roy] Blunt better get ready, because I am going to smoke the competition.”

Midge Potts, a transgender activist who had been exploring a Green Party presidential run, said in March that she may also enter the race. In 2010, Potts announced plans to seek the seat as a Progressive Party candidate, but did not get on the ballot.

2 thoughts on “Chief Wana Dubie running for U.S. Senate in Missouri

  1. Tyler Higgins

    Chief Wana Dubie is for real, that’s so awesome, I thought he was a myth.

    In Spring 1999 I was given 6 years for selling marijuana, I ended up doing the 120 day callback. I remember some inmates in either Fulton or Boonville speaking, in tones of reverence, of an inmate with a pot leaf tattooed on his forehead who called himself Chief Wana Dubie. They said he had planted his yard full of marijuana, and painted a Bull’s Eye on his roof.

    We marijuana offenders refused to see ourselves as criminals, we were political dissidents resisting unjust, absurd, and unconstitutional laws. Laws that have ruined countless lives, that see non violent offenders facing harsher sanctions than violent and sexual predators, sanctions that are applied for life. It is past time to end this insanity, we are not the criminals, the judges packing prisons for profit are the true criminals. I have never in my life voted, but this year I am voting for medicinal marijuana in Missouri, and I am voting for the Chief.

    I also intend to follow up on the expungment bill currently sitting on the governors desk. Like countless other felons stigmatized and stripped of basic rights for life, since my 1999 conviction I have not been in any legal trouble, I have been an upright citizen, a homeowner, and a single dad making a home for my daughter while coping with constant pain from debilitating conditions. Missouri seems a very vindictive state when it comes to permanently stripping the rights of one time non violent offenders. I suspect this is due to our finest hour, when Missouri men and boys took up arms under Sterling Price, William Quantrell, and Bill Anderson to resist the Federal invason of our state.

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