Five lesser-known presidential candidates profiled

helluvaPhilip DeVoe writes at The Daily Caller about five of “the unknown 2016 presidential candidates” — Gregory A. Foster, James Hedges, Elijah Manley, Robert “R3dn3ck” Macleod Jr., and W. Knox Richardson.

Foster describes himself on his website as “an independent conservative presidential candidate” and says he is seeking a running mate. DeVoe writes that “Foster’s beliefs include the restoration of the Houston Astrodome, which he argues is the eighth wonder of the world and deserving of government funding.”

DeVoe says that Hedges “is the 2016 candidate for president from the Prohibition Party.” Hedges had been the vice presidential running mate of Greg Seltzer until Seltzer ended his campaign in May.

Manley, an independent, is 16 years old and therefore not eligible for the presidency. On his website, Manley says, “The revolution begins here.” DeVoe writes, “For Manley, the ‘revolution’ seems to be giving youths the right to vote at 16.”

DeVoe says Macleod “is running as a member of the Ame party, possibly alluding to his hometown” of Americus, Georgia, “and his proud southern heritage, gun ownership, and Christianity are easy to find when scrolling through the posts” on his campaign Facebook page. DeVoe notes that the page has more than 12,000 “likes” that “could translate into valuable votes with the southern name recognition.”

Richardson, DeVoe writes, is “a Las Vegas-area poker dealer by day and a comedian by night, Richardson is the only 2016 candidate for the Helluva Party, which appears to be satirical.”

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