LNC selects new logo

As readers of IPR comments already know, the Libertarian National Committee picked a new logo at its meeting held in Alexandria, VA this weekend.

21 JULY 2015 UPDATE: In an email to the LNC, ED Wes Benedict noted that IPR misrepresented the new logo above.  Here’s the version he says will be used, “once we iron out the contract, details, and final specs.”

LP Logo


LP Logo2


Previously, the LNC and a subcommittee appointed for this task narrowed the logo submissions from around 200 to the following nine selected at the last meeting in Phoenix in March:

Then, the LNC met by web conference on May 3 and further narrowed the choices down to #1, #4 and #8 from the above graphic. A motion to adopt the same logo that ended up being selected did not pass at that time. Instead, the LNC sent out a survey to the membership which ended up confirming the preference of most of the LNC members:

As reported by Chuck Moulton liveblogging in IPR comments:

The meeting is back in session and is now talking about the logo.

The options are:
* torch eagle
* current logo (yellow / blue statue of liberty)
* old logo (one color blue statue of liberty)

Moulton pointed out a version of the current logo with the statue of liberty not in her shadow was produced in 2007. Sarwark then mentioned that the annual report “went rogue” and used this logo on the cover. He passed around a copy.

Poll with 374 responses:
58% torch eagle logo
33% current logo
9% old logo

Redpath showed a coin with a statue of liberty image on it that represents what he wanted to see in a logo — with the statue not in its shadow. He passed around an image of the coin.

Tomasso asks if we can re-open the logo selection because none of the finalists seem good. He seemed to think there was merit to the Redpath proposal. Sarwark ruled that out of order.

Sarwark says the coin image is not trademarkable because the U.S. government already uses it — so anyone can use it.

Katz wonders whether the slogan “Minimum government, maximum freedom.” was attached to that one design (not sure which one). He pointed out there is a motion that had been postponed until this meeting and is now on the floor: adopting the torch eagle.

Wiener presents the torch eagle motion. He says we’ve wasted too much time on this matter and shouldn’t let it draw out indefinitely. The statue of liberty can still be used in our literature, it just wouldn’t be our logo.

Sarwark clarifies we are adopting the graphic. The word type and words associated with the graphic would be at the discretion of staff.

Hagan points out there is language in our policy manual that allows only the statue of liberty. He suggests a substitute motion amending that provision. Sarwark says that’s not in order… first adopt the new logo, then amend the policy manual afterward if that passes.

Olsen asks how much it would cost to redo all our literature, etc. Kraus and Wes says we would use up all the old literature, slowly phasing it out.

Ludlow says 99designs is a very bad way to get a new logo. He thinks we should use a very different process. Sarwark says the torch eagle wasn’t from 99designs… it was a master’s thesis from a design student. Ludlow still says this is such an important decision that we should hire a professional designer / brander / marketer.

Bittner says he got the torch eagle logo from Will Taylor, the design student, and was blown away by the 100 pages of incredible work put into it. Bittner looked at all the 197 submissions, has a marketing background, and solicited a lot of feedback. The torch eagle was the only submission that went beyond simple artwork.

Tomasso says the torch eagle is an okay logo, but he wasn’t blown away by it and neither were the members — 58% is not a large enough mandate. He also wonders when the re-branding will take effect. What is the timetable? Sarwark plans to re-brand in November after the election, so as not to interfere with campaigns. Tomasso would be fine with either the torch eagle or a re-done current logo (remove the shadow and the year).

Redpath quoted Tina Turner and said he doesn’t want to fight anymore.

Mattson isn’t influenced much by the poll and isn’t in love with any of the designs.

McLendon is warming up to the bird on a stick. He wonders if we can make it red.

Martin Moulton (the top voter getter in DC and perhaps a distant relative of mine?) says he has an extensive marketing background and likes the torch eagle a lot.

Sarwark says the logo would cost about $5,000. We wouldn’t need that until November, so our cash crunch wouldn’t stop us.

Vohra says the point of a logo is to make us look professional and not embarrass us… it doesn’t have to do everything about highlighting our brand. He points out we want to speak to the people not Libertarians yet, not just us.

Wiener suggests Wes could fundraise with t-shirts and sweatshirts with the new logo to pay for the $5,000.

Adopt the torch eagle:
Hagan – Y
Olsen – N
Craig – Y
Bittner – Y
Tomasso – A
Wiener – Y
Lark – N
Redpath – Y
McLendon – Y
Ludlo – A
Goldstein – N
Reimers – N
Johnson – N
Marsh – Y
Vohra – Y
Mattson – N
Sarwark – Y

It passes by a roll call vote of 9-6-2.

94 thoughts on “LNC selects new logo

  1. Austin Cassidy

    Logo #6 should have been the obvious choice… or just leave it the same as is. The first logo’s fonts are bad, the colors are bad, it doesn’t even contain the word party.

    They’re going to spend $5,000 on this?

  2. José C

    We have gone from terrible to terrible. Every time I see our current logo or variations (Los Angeles County logo, state logos, etc.) of our current logo I cringe. I like 4, 5, and 7. Our branding in the 1980’s used to say, “Peace, Prosperity, Freedom” . . . the Libertarian Party. If I was involved in 1972 I would have supported the Liberty Bell over the Statue of Liberty as our logo branding but since we used the Statue of Liberty our logo should use the Statue of Liberty.

  3. paulie Post author

    Here’s a higher-quality version with variants:

    Thanks, updated.

    BTW with your new powers if you ever feel like it you can edit my articles like that too. I don’t mind.

  4. Andy Craig

    As for the merits of the selection, I too would have preferred a Statue. #7 was my favorite and I think it has real potential.

    But the new logo isn’t as awful as some are making it out to be. It can, and will, be the centerpiece of good branding campaign. Libertarians, being the personality types we tend to be, often over-think these things. The entire drawn-out logo process being a prime example. It isn’t the platform, it isn’t a Great Seal, it isn’t a national flag. It’s just a logo, and this will look as good on a banner at a booth or branding on a meme or letterhead on a fundraising solicitation as any of the rest of them.

    And people can, and probably will continue to use both the current logo and the 1996 version (my second choice) as they wish. Using the Statute of Liberty as a visual signifier of “Libertarian” isn’t going away any more than the porcupine or Liberty Bell or other symbols that aren’t the logo.

  5. David Colborne

    Having been part of a logo change process here in Nevada, I’m actually mildly impressed that the LNC was able to select a logo. As you can see from the live blog of the logo vote, as well as the comments here, everybody thinks they’re a graphic designer and everybody thinks they can make a better logo than anybody else.

    The Statue of Liberty needed to go. To start with, New York (the state, not the Party) already uses it as a logo. It’s a nice, inspiring symbol, but it’s already claimed by everyone and their mother. When people look at the Statue of Liberty, they don’t see “Libertarian Party” or “libertarianism”. At best, the Statue of Liberty logos made people think, “Oh, liberty!” when looking at our stuff, which isn’t bad but is completely backwards from how a logo is supposed to work. A logo is supposed to identify with the brand, not explain it. When you see a stylized apple, you know that’s a computer company, not a fruit company. A stylized elephant is the GOP, not a pachyderm training company. A stylized donkey is the Democratic Party, not a donkey farm. The logos don’t explain the brands at all – instead, the brands explain the logo, while the logo remains distinctive enough where, when you see it, you immediately think of the brand.

    That said, I personally think we already have a logo that works – the porcupine works quite nicely. I’m not sure of the history behind it, but it’s my understanding that we can’t (or won’t) use it for whatever reason, which is a shame.

    Even so, I’m glad to see National finally pulled the trigger on an image refresh. I wish they got to it a little faster so Nevada didn’t have to move ahead of them with our own logo and materials, but it is what it is. I just wish it looked less like Trump’s hair.

  6. Austin Cassidy

    Too many cooks in this kitchen have produced some seriously spoiled broth.

    Logo #6 would have been the obvious choice.

    The torch in that logo makes for a very good icon for things like business cards, the website’s browser favicon (the tiny image that appears next to the URL) and Facebook or Twitter profile images. The font is strong and unique, with a modern look to it. The blue and gold colors are nice, but also easy to imagine that being converted to black and white or to a blue background with the text in white.

    It would also be very simple for any state or local parties that wanted to use that logo to simply match the font and add a third that says “of Wyoming” or “of New Mexico” to localize it.

    In other words, it’s versatile.

    It also includes the word party, which is sort of an important part of advertising a political party. To, you know, actually let people know it’s a party.

    I can’t believe that they’re going to pull down a perfectly good logo and spend $5,000 to replace it with a weird eagle being burned to death inside of a torch over the word “LIBERTARIAN” in what looks like gray Arial font. Is this for real?

  7. NewFederalist

    The torch reminds me of the logo of the Conservative Party of New York.

  8. Rebel Alliance

    I’m glad they were open to refreshing the logo a bit, and especially, sticking with the party’s gold color theme.

    But an eagle? The eagle is widely used by the Constitution Party, the Tea Party, the Ross Perot/Pat Buchanan Reform Party, the NRA, and numerous other conservative groups. Our state LP has consciously avoided use of the eagle on any literature because of its association with right-wing organizations. 17 people on the LNC and nobody caught this? That is a very big oversight and basic marketing blunder.

  9. NewFederalist

    Rebel Alliance… don’t forget the Conservative Party of New York AND the UK Conservatives until just this last election cycle. I guess the LP is self identifying as a conservative party.

  10. langa

    I hate it.

    Ideally, I would have liked to see a hybrid of 7 and 8: the statue from 7 with the gold background from 8 (the statue from 8 looks too much like the Grim Reaper).

    If they wanted a non-statue one, 6 would have been by far the best choice.

  11. NewFederalist

    The should have channeled Thomas Nast. He would have done them proud! He did the Democratic jackass, the Republican elephant and even the Prohibition camel. I’m sure he could have done a smidge better.

  12. paulie Post author

    The word libertarian is an optional part of the logo. Adding party would also be an option. The 5k (max) buys the whole “concept suite” with any and all variants.

    I would have preferred the pre-2006 statue logo. And I wouldn’t know this one is an eagle if someone hadn’t told me.

  13. paulie Post author

    The should have channeled Thomas Nast. He would have done them proud! He did the Democratic jackass, the Republican elephant and even the Prohibition camel. I’m sure he could have done a smidge better.

    None of those parties chose those animals. The LP already has the porcupine and, somewhat lesser known, the penguin as unofficial animals, and will continue to.

  14. paulie Post author

    The current official Republican logo does use a version of the elephant, although it wasn’t their idea to start with. The Democrats right now officially use a D inside a circle.

  15. paulie Post author

    The message of this logo:

    “Libertarians are Bananas!”

    I thought it was “a chicken on every stick” or maybe “stick it to ’em and light ’em up”

  16. NewFederalist

    Let’s get real here… Nast chose the camel for the Prohibition Party for obvious reasons. He would choose BOTH the penguin AND the porcupine if he were alive today. They would be in a very compromising sexual position with the porcupines’ eyes popping out a la Rodney Dangerfield. If you are going to make a BIG first impression go for it!

  17. Austin Cassidy

    The current logo and branding is absolutely fine as it is.

    This banana/eagle — or whatever the hell it is — is just AWFUL.

  18. Rebel Alliance

    NewFederalist … The eagle’s right-wing connotations are so strong that whenever you see an eagle in a candidate’s ad or a group’s logo, you automatically know they’re a conservative without knowing anything else about them.

    I wouldn’t have minded the torch with flames (#6), which was the initial design. But this logo is actually destructive to the LP. It’s always been an uphill battle to appeal to people from all parts of the spectrum, and now it just got harder. What a tragedy.

  19. Mike Kane

    I like 4, 7, and 8. I appreciate the work this student put in to designing the logo… but the logo that was chosen flat out is awful

  20. Jed Ziggler

    Dumb is an understatement. A former LP activist told me the LNC deliberately wastes money. It appears he is correct. Stop sending fundraising letters begging for money to supposedly support candidates and secure ballot access if you’re going to waste it on logos, buildings, etc. THIS is why I have not and will not renew my membership dues. I’ll be glad to support LP candidates and state chapters, but national isn’t getting another dime from me.

  21. paulie Post author

    He would choose BOTH the penguin AND the porcupine if he were alive today. They would be in a very compromising sexual position with the porcupines’ eyes popping out a la Rodney Dangerfield.

    If anyone is willing and able to draw that I will propose it as the new logo for the https://www.facebook.com/groups/LPSexCaucus/

  22. paulie Post author


    Logo and building are doing their own dedicated fundraising. You aren’t paying for either unless you choose to. There may be reasons why you wouldn’t want to donate but that is not a good one. I think the national LP is a pretty good investment myself. Watch the video from the discussion this morning about membership and fundraising if you get a chance.

  23. Nicholas Sarwark

    I was really hoping that people would express their real feelings about the new logo on this post and not hold back so much.

    IPR commenters, Y U DISAPPOINT?

  24. NewFederalist

    The Liberty Penguin butt fvckung a porcupine with its eyes popping out will bring in millions of new perverts… ah… members to the LP. Trust me on this one, Nick.

  25. Andy Craig

    I’ll admit, USPS was the first thing I thought of when I saw the large version.

  26. George Phillies

    I will suggest, as yellow on white does not always do well, the possibility of the finest of black lines outlining the bird.

    Mind you, as Mr. Flood said someplace, this debate appears to be shifting the deck chairs on the Titanic. In the direction of the list. The membership and fundraising trends speak for themselves. The LNC did add a discussion of the trends, nearly at the end of their meeting. The discussion was added late, not as ‘here is our key issue’. The discussion consisted in considerable part of LNC members being angry at each other. There was rather little in the way of substantial content “we should do X”.

    There was feedback from the members. There are members in states where little further effort is needed to put the Presidential candidate on the ballot. By report, some number of them think that the National party does nothing useful for their state. The reaction from at least one loud LNC member was that the people giving this feedback were chronic malcontents.

  27. Ted Brown

    I doubt that the California LP will use this new logo, which is rather odd looking. I was thinking of going back to the Statue of Liberty from the 90s. I have some envelopes with an even older Liberty than that one . Hopefully the affiliates won’t be expected to use the national logo.

  28. Andy Craig

    Here’s a version Jo Ann Vaccarino came up with, in line with the possibility of changing the torch and wordmark. Also back to blue/gold for colors:


    I think the torch being curved like that is a significant improvement. I’m not sure if that’s part of what is still up for revision or not. But if so, I think this shows what direction we should go in with it. Makes a lot more sense, now that the torch isn’t supposed to serve as a “T” any more.

  29. NewFederalist

    How about a version where the Confederate battle flag is worked into the… Oh… never mind!

  30. Cody Quirk

    Yeah, they only should have adopted the eagle torch logo if they alreadyhad the eagle as their official animal.

    But oh well, have to agree with David and ready to move on.

  31. Wake Up

    Love it! Donald Trump’s hair on top of Rand Paul’s torch. The message could not be any louder or more unmistakable: Trump-Paul 2016! I can see the bumper stickers and TShirts now. TRUMP will be spelled out next to his hair; PAUL next to his torch. Kudos LP!!!

  32. Nicholas Sarwark

    I can’t really make the state affiliates do anything, nor would I presume to try.

    It is important to remember when choosing logos and branding what the goal is. The statue, especially the older version of it, evokes lots of positive emotions from people who were involved with the Libertarian Party during the time it was used. We will continue to use the statue in our visual presentation, but a logo is supposed to be clearly recognizable at a distance, distinct, scalable, etc.

    The woodcut statue and current logo are not those things.

    A logo should also appeal visually to people who are not Libertarians yet, not to people who have already invested their identity in being Libertarians.

    tl;dr: It’s not about us, it’s about the people we want to join us.

  33. Nathan Norman

    I love it too. It looks great. I bet Newt Gingrich will love it too. I will be sure to use it in my campaign literature?

  34. Chuck Moulton

    I don’t like the new logo. I don’t think it’s that big a deal though.

    I’m much more concerned about the membership decline, which I attribute to a lack of prospecting combined with the death of the intern program (interns previously made renewal calls).

  35. paulie Post author

    I’m with Chuck and George on this one. I think we have bigger problems.

    But, this is IPR, and picking nits is what we do here, so here goes.

    Nick, if I am not mistaken, of the survey results, don’t the current LP members/supporters have a more favorable opinion of the future logo than their non-libertarian friends? I’ll have to scroll up and take another look.

  36. Austin Cassidy

    I disagree, if everyone’s opinion is that it doesn’t matter… why make a change at all then? If the font is bad, is the party just buying the Banana Eagle artwork?

    If all you want is a bit of eagle/flame artwork, there’s lots of it available to license from photo sites like shutterstock… and much of it is better looking.


    Is the party spending $5,000 just for the one image… or does the $5k include rebranding the website and all party collateral material? This is baffling to me. A cash-strapped organization that’s losing membership and constantly launching emergency pleas for money… where does this $5k come from?

  37. Austin Cassidy

    Cool, well that’s better it’s paid for by those people… I guess. :-/

  38. Michael H. Wilson

    We have been shown the percentages as to whom voted for what, but what are the raw numbers?

  39. Mark Axinn

    >I doubt that the California LP will use this new logo, which is rather odd looking. I was thinking of going back to the Statue of Liberty from the 90s. I have some envelopes with an even older Liberty than that one . Hopefully the affiliates won’t be expected to use the national logo.


    Same for New York where, ahem, the Statue of Liberty is located.

  40. Stewart Flood

    They’re finished with re-arranging the chairs on the deck, so the orchestra should start playing any time now. Then the deck tilts as the ship up-ends, and she slides quietly into the ocean — quiet except for the background noise of all the passengers screaming.

    I am so glad that I have already stopped sending them money. I see that many others have stopped as well. I wonder when they will get the message?

  41. paulie Post author

    It’s easy to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

    While I agree that there are a lot of things that I would like to see the national LP do a lot better, I still think the national LP is well worth supporting and a better bang for the buck than a lot of other things.

    Withholding support does not mean things are incentivized to get better. If anything the opposite.

  42. José C


    The Statue of Liberty is in New Jersey. According to the English 1664 colonial land grant that part of the Hudson river was given to New Jersey.

  43. Mark Axinn

    I am willing to give Jersey most of Staten Island and the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn instead.

  44. paulie Post author

    Dollars are votes.

    Yes, and non-donating, just like non-voting, can be interpreted in a lot of ways. Targeted donating, active participation and alt party voting convey a much more precise message than non-voting, non-dnating and non-participation in general.

  45. Chuck Moulton

    Wes Benedict posted about the logo on the LNC-business list:

    Wes Benedict wrote:

    I’ve seen some versions of the new logo on places like Independent Political Report that may make readers misunderstand what the logo should actually look like.

    Here it is with a slogan:

    And here it is without.

    Both are valid as far as I’m concerned. And neither looks like what the amateur reporters at Independent Political Report put at the top of the article here (even after a revision or two)

    This directly contradicts what was said immediately before the vote on the logo, as I reported in an IPR comment and is copied at the top of this story:

    Chuck Moulton wrote:

    Katz wonders whether the slogan ?Minimum government, maximum freedom.? was attached to that one design […]

    Sarwark clarifies we are adopting the graphic. The word type and words associated with the graphic would be at the discretion of staff.

    Wes Benedict wrote:

    Whether or not you like the new logo, it’s kind of hard for me to understand how anyone could say it’s terrible.

    This is pretty condescending, and par for the course of people discussing the logo. They assume we think it is terrible because we don’t understand something. In reality, we think it’s terrible because we understand exactly what it entails.

    It is terrible branding for the LP because lots of un-libertarian candidates and un-libertarian organizations already use a torch, and lots of such candidates and organizations already use an eagle. They all trend Republican.

    We have built up many years of branding with the statue of liberty which we are throwing away. That branding is worth a lot of money. Not only are we throwing away all that goodwill value, but we also will probably be trashing some literature, paying to redesign literature and websites around the new logo, and be paying $5,000 to the author of the logo. All that adds up to a lot of money. I don’t think it’s even a good idea to make that transition for a good logo, let alone a mediocre logo.

    It doesn’t look good either. The torch looks pixelated because it is so simple. The font is very off-putting (even though there is disagreement between Benedict and Sarwark about whether the font is set and part of the logo). The eagle looks too similar to others, such as the postal service.

    Wes Benedict wrote:

    It’s mostly the word LIBERTARIAN in all caps, with a little torch and eagle to the left. The graphic elements are too small to be terrible. It prominently features the word LIBERTARIAN in all caps. It pushed the LIBERTARIAN brand, just like on the T-shirts and hats that we sell that have been great sellers.

    Again, this completely contradicts what Sarwark said.

    Wes Benedict wrote:

    It was designed by a graphic designer with something like 20 years of experience in graphic design, who went back to college for a masters degree. The title of his thesis is “Political Discourse: Campaign Visual Identities and the Rise of the Consumer-Voter.” The political and graphic design authorities who supported him are impressive.

    This is an appeal to authority. It’s nice to hear from experts about graphic design, marketing, and branding. But with all due respect to them, res ipsa loquitor — the thing speaks for itself. An amateur can look at a painting and subjectively say whether it looks like crap. Regardless of what an artist with an MFA or an art historian with a Ph.D. says, that individual will still see something that looks like crap.

    You can argue that such an opinion is subjective and a lot of other people have a different opinion. That’s valid, but I haven’t even seen such a poll. What we got was a poll with 3 choices. According to the spreadsheet shared, there was no “none of the above” option (I didn’t see the poll itself). Libertarians of all people should know that a poll with only a few choices may not adequately represent the opinions of the whole electorate. We should have sought a logo that not only was liked better than the current logo or a few other choices, but independently created more of a favorable impression than an unfavorable impression, beat out NOTA or “I like a different option”, and won by a landslide of 80% rather than just 58%.

    Wes Benedict wrote:

    I think it’s going to be a whole lot easier to work with for novice graphic designers who need a simple set of colors to work with. And that’s who is doing 90% of the graphic design work for our candidates and affiliates, novices. We’re making it a lot easier on them.

    I’m looking forward to using it once we iron out the contract, details, and final specs.

    I think a lot of state affiliates will not use this new logo… at least, it will be a very long rollout. It may take 5-10 years for all the states to get on board. People in positions of authority in states recognize that the new logo sucks and they have a choice in whether to implement it.

    Wes Benedict wrote:

    Libertarians, you’re gonna like the way you look!


    It’s not a good logo. It’s not a good logo despite what the guys with the master degrees say. It’s not a good logo despite spending a huge bundle of money we don’t have on the transition. We believe it’s not a good logo not because we don’t understand it, but on the contrary because we understand exactly what it entails.

    I don’t think the new logo is the end of the world. There are plenty of other things that should be much bigger issues than the logo — like the huge membership decline for example — but I’m not going to sit idly by while the administration whitewashes over and handwaves away any dissent in the “this is the greatest logo in the history of mankind” parade.

  46. paulie Post author

    I agree with Chuck that we shouldn’t all be expected to like it just because Will Taylor has an academic project built around it.

    I don’t see the contradiction between what Nick said and what Wes said. Nick said word type and words associated with the graphic would be at the discretion of staff, and Wes said what his discretion is. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean future staff won’t have different discretion.

  47. Losty

    Not the biggest fan of the logo, But that’s a LNC Call.
    One Question I have,
    PMS Colors? That would increase the costs.
    Or, Are we tied to the colors attached to that?
    Looks from the screen like an off-gray and a particular shade of Yellow.

    I am aware some suppliers charge less for their stock colors, and charge fees for PMS, for example…

  48. paulie Post author

    Any logo we use needs to be able to work in black and white as well, because sometimes color printing is not a practical option.

  49. Losty

    Good to know, Just making sure we’re not Locked.
    Hence my question from earlier 😉

  50. paulie Post author

    Yes, I am familiar whith that abbreviation. Not sure what pre menstrual syndrome colors would be other than blood red. Or is this some other PMS being referred to?

  51. Losty

    Pantone Matching Colors, an exact match for a particular shade.

    If PMS is requested in many types of printing, there are extra costs involved.
    Love to chat with someone Outside of here…

  52. Jed Ziggler

    “It was designed by a graphic designer with something like 20 years of experience in graphic design, who went back to college for a masters degree.”

    A lot of very smart people who went to very good schools came up with New Coke too. That doesn’t make it a good idea. It’s not even a proper logo! Wes even points out that it’s a tiny picture and lots of text. That’s not a good logo! That’s a banner for a website!

  53. NewFederalist

    Nick… consider my suggestion of the penguin and the bugged out eyes porcupine! It works!

  54. paulie Post author

    Still looking for someone to actually design or draw that. I can put it to at least some use, albeit it’s… unlikely… to become the official party logo.

  55. paulie Post author

    BTW, now that we have the updated graphics from Wes (included both in the comments and as an update to the article) have any of the people who criticied the new logo above changed their mind as a result? My impression is no, but I could be wrong.

  56. Joseph Buchman

    Rebel Alliance @ July 19, 2015 at 4:49 pm wrote:

    “The eagle is widely used by the Constitution Party, the Tea Party, the Ross Perot/Pat Buchanan Reform Party, the NRA, and numerous other conservative groups.”

    And the postal service.


  57. paulie Post author

    Am I the only one here who would not know it’s an eagle if someone hadn’t told me?

    Torches, eagles and statues of liberty are all generic symbols that are used by a lot of businesses and organizations of all kinds. In a US politicall context, however, torches and eagles are generally associated almost exclusively with the right, and most people make that assumption when seeing them associated with anything political as a symbol in the US.

  58. Joseph Buchman

    It just looks like an eagle that has smashed into a wall, broken its neck, is looking backwards and about to die – otherwise it’s okay.

    That said, it’s okay. Not bad, just not great. Remember when NBC spent millions on a new logo only to find out the Nebraska state ETV system had been using the same logo for years?


    It’s not as bad as that. Far better actually.

    So should we ditch the SOL on OUR logo here at IPR and replace it with this new torch?

  59. paulie Post author

    It just looks like an eagle that has smashed into a wall, broken its neck, is looking backwards and about to die – otherwise it’s okay.

    So you would instantly recognize it as an eagle if you had never seen it before and no one told you?

    So should we ditch the SOL on OUR logo here at IPR and replace it with this new torch?

    Maybe, but if so, we may want to update the Green Party to their new logo too, and of course we would have to ask William if he feels like doing it, or if he’s OK with someone else doing it and seeing if we can find someone for that. And given the number of parties in our logo, any of which can change their logos, how often do we want to be on the hook for updating ours?

  60. Andy Craig

    I’ve fiddled around with a possible new banner for IPR, that would replace the logo clutter with more generalized and ambiguous party colors, sort of like in the FairDebates logo. I never came up with something I completely liked enough to propose to Warren, but I do still think an overhaul of the banner would be a good idea. A collection of logos is never going to stay in-date for long, and we’re never going to have an absolute current list of all parties covered at IPR. Something cleaner and simpler would do well, IMO.

  61. Andy Craig

    Technically the SoL shown now hasn’t been the current LP logo for some time, since before IPR even existed I think.

  62. paulie Post author

    Joe: looks good, but the bottom rocker is cut off, so that would need to be fixed. We should get William Saturn’s input before making any decisions. You may want to start a new article to discuss your propposal?

  63. paulie Post author

    See above. It’s not part of the logo proper, but an optional thing that can be used with the logo or not.

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