Modern Whig Party National Chair updates members

greenpartycandidate1_patdepuy_managingeditorIn a message to the party email list, Modern Whig Party National Chair Michael Burger writes, “The hard work we’ve been putting in over the last few months to reorganize and rejuvenate our party is already bearing fruit, even though we’re just getting started on some of our outreach initiatives. We’ve had an influx of new, energetic members, and our new website and communications platform have tested out. We’re poised to begin the next phase of our development, and we are certain the next few months will see us grow to the point where we can truly begin to influence both politics and policy — which has been our goal all along.”

He also says the party will “begin fundraising in earnest,” in part “to be able to pay filing fees and the like in order to gain ballot access and run candidates of our own in states like yours,” and says newly trained state party chairs will soon start reaching out to members.

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