Ohio Green Party: Child Poverty Rate On Rise

Press release from the Ohio Green Party:

The Ohio Green Party notes with regret the fact that, according to a recently released study, the rate of childhood poverty in our state has risen to 23%.

The Children’s Defense Fund-Ohio, in association with The Annie E. Casey Foundation, reports that since 2008, the number of Ohio children living in poverty in Ohio has risen from 19% to the current figure.

These figures are a sobering reminder of the myriad issues in our society that lead to conditions of poverty. Racial disparities, urban vs rural demographics, educational levels, and teen birth rates all contribute to the rise of poverty. Sadly, so do various policies enacted by state and Federal government.

The Ohio Green Party strives to eliminate the conditions that lead to almost a quarter of our most vulnerable residents living in a situation that encumbers them and hinders the entire statewide economy.

It is for these reasons that we support an increase in the state and and Federal minimum wages, the strengthening of worker protections, instituting publicly funded elections, and the creation of a single payer heath care program, which would simultaneously improve the bottom line for both employees and employers. We also support women’s unfettered access to reproductive health services, which would lessen the rate of teen pregnancy.

We stand in opposition to so-called “free trade” agreements, such as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), that are nothing more than red carpets for multinational corporate entities that enable them to circumvent national laws, labor agreements, and environmental standards to benefit shareholders as well as efforts that have occurred in the Ohio Statehouse making it more arduous for workers to benefit from labor agreements.

The rise in the poverty rate is not restricted to limited areas of the state, the childhood poverty rate has increased in all of Ohio’s 88 counties. This situation is simply unacceptable and the fact that ill designed governmental policies, under both Democratic and Republican leadership have allowed this to continue and worsen is indicative of the fact that both major parties have forgotten the interests of their constituents and are controlled by corporate and wealthy interests. The Green Party of Ohio pledges to continue working for the benefit of all Ohioans, not just a select few.

Our platform can be viewed here: http://www.ohiogreens.org/platform

The entire report on child poverty is here:

Thanks to Phil Mohorich for this news.

2 thoughts on “Ohio Green Party: Child Poverty Rate On Rise

  1. Jim

    I’ve always been suspicious about statistics on poverty rates. The way I see it, you could arbitrarily define a poverty rate by arbitrarily defining a particular standard of living as ‘the poverty level’. Who does this re-definition, and what is/are their motive(s)?
    If you think that doesn’t matter, would you rather be living at the poverty level in 2015…or in 1965???

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