LP Activist Training by Libertarians, for Libertarians

Libertarian PartyFrom a Libertarian Party email blast:

LP Activist Training By Libertarians, For Libertarians

October 16–18, 2015 • Alexandria, Virginia

Early-bird registration ends Monday, September 14

LP Activist Training By Libertarians, For Libertarians is an exciting new Libertarian weekend of activist training, designed to inspire you and give you the tools you need to be a successful Libertarian activist, candidate, campaigner, and party leader in your state.

The National Libertarian Party is sponsoring this workshop featuring seasoned Libertarian experts. It will be held the weekend of October 16–18 in the Washington, D.C. area, at the LP’s national headquarters and the Comfort Inn & Suites.

Knowledgeable Libertarians, each with a proven track record of success, will show you the ropes, on everything from Libertarian campaigns to public speaking, from media interviews to organizing and expanding your LP affiliate.

This training will home in on the knowledge you most need to succeed as a Libertarian activist. It will be chock-full of tips, tricks, and techniques unavailable in courses offered by Republicans and Democrats.

Topics include:

Libertarian Campaign Management 101: What you need to know
Libertarian fundraising and membership growth
Winning on the hot seat: Play Who’s Driving? and learn how to control media interviews
Game-change Libertarian solutions: Learn how to formulate ones that inspire and win votes
How to raise your first $10,000 for your Libertarian campaign
Websites and social media: Get them up and running; expand their reach
Candidate recruitment: Attracting and recruiting quality Libertarian candidates
Run a successful LP booth: Drawing people in and signing them up
Open discussion: Q&A and other topics you wish to explore
…and more

Our line-up of expert speakers includes:

Adrian Wyllie – 2014 Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate in Florida; current LPF State Chair
Carla Howell – Political Director, Libertarian National Committee; three-time Libertarian candidate; and head of three statewide tax-cut ballot initiatives
Wes Benedict – Executive Director, Libertarian National Committee; author, Introduction to the Libertarian Party; organizer of two Libertarian PACs
Sam Goldstein – Former LP Indiana State Chair; Member of the Libertarian National Committee
Michael Cloud – Author, Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion; three-time LP Presidential campaign organizer; professional speechwriter and political strategist
Bob Johnston – Campaign and Affiliate Support Specialist, Libertarian National Committee; LP Maryland State Chair
Doug Craig – Former LP Georgia State Chair; Member, Libertarian National Committee


Fri., Oct. 16 6 – 10 PM Informal Libertarian get-together Specifics TBA
Sat., Oct. 17 9 – 5 PM Workshop sessions Comfort Inn, 6 – 10 PM Dinner and party LP Headquarters
Sun., Oct. 18 9 AM – 2 PM Workshop sessions & open discussion Location TBD

Registration fee:

Early-Bird Special! $25 if you register by Monday, September 14.

Includes all speaker sessions, plus Saturday’s lunch, dinner, and party.

Price after September 14: $40 per attendee.

Event locations:

LP Headquarters: 1444 Duke St. Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Comfort Inn and Suites: 5716 South Van Dorn Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22310


Comfort Inn & Suites has extended the LP a conference rate of $89 per night (king bed or two queens) at their Alexandria location:
5716 South Van Dorn Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22310

To book a room, please phone the hotel directly at 1 (703) 922-9200; ask for the “Libertarian Party Training Room” block.


Van Dorn Metro stop (Blue Line). The hotel offers free shuttle service, to and from Metro.

Register now:

Register today for LP Activist Training By Libertarians, For Libertarians by
calling 1 (202) 333-0008, or online by clicking the “Buy Now” (link here) button, below.
(Remember, early-bird pricing ends on Monday, September 14.)

[correction to error in original email blast: Adrian Wyllie was the 2014 Libertarian candidate for Governor in Florida, not the U.S. Senate and current LPF State Chair]

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10 thoughts on “LP Activist Training by Libertarians, for Libertarians

  1. Vicki Kirkland

    Adrian Wyllie is incorrectly listed as the U. S. Senate Candidate from Florida. He was actually the Candidate for Governor.

  2. Matt Cholko

    The price certainly is right. I think I’ll register. Not sure if I’ll go to all of it. But, I live right down the street, so I’ll probably hit some of the events.

  3. Vicki Kirkland

    Yes, and I notified Wes Benedict of Adrian’s incorrect Candidate listing, and he said it would be corrected in future postings. I live in Florida, and I know what position Adrian ran for.

  4. Caryn Ann Harlos

    I know Adrian, I knkw you are right. Just wanted to let you know where it came from. Will put in a note here.

  5. Columbo

    I wonder how much Michael Cloud will be paid…

    It would not be surprising if the others are doing this for free, even on their own dime, while Michael Cloud gets expense reimbursements and a generous speaker fee.

  6. Thane Eichenauer

    “I wonder how much Michael Cloud will be paid…”
    Valuable services are worth the price paid for them. If some choose to donate their time and attention and others do not so long as the person that writes the check is satisfied with the service provided I don’t see any problem.

  7. paulie

    Sounds like a good event. Probably too far for me to seriously consider going, but I would go if I was anywhere near there or on friendlier terms with the TSA.

  8. Starchild

    Thane Eichenauer writes (September 5, 2015 at 6:07 pm), “Valuable services are worth the price paid for them.”

    That doesn’t quite compute. Getting a cavity filled may be a valuable service, for instance, but that doesn’t necessarily make it worth the price you paid if you were overcharged.

    As Matt Cholko notes, the price in this case ($25-$40), including 2 meals, seems quite reasonable. But, of course, the cost of traveling to D.C. and getting accommodations there is not insignificant, and for that reason, I rather doubt this event will attract a large number of participants*. Thus it seems unlikely that Michael Cloud or anyone else will make much if any money off it.

    If there is a benefit to him, it will more likely be in the form of giving him positive name exposure to LP members by associating him with something that will be seen as a good thing, and helping them forget that he got away with $33,800 of the party’s money back in 2012 for “services” which — as documented by the LNC Audit Committee — didn’t amount to very much. Perhaps also helping pave the way for other more lucrative opportunities down the road, when memories have further faded and/or new people who don’t know the history are in a position to grant them.

    Thane further writes, “If some choose to donate their time and attention and others do not so long as the person that writes the check is satisfied with the service provided I don’t see any problem.”

    I’d say maybe there is, and maybe there isn’t. In some cases, the people writing the checks may be satisfied only because they do not realize exactly how their money is being spent. Sadly, some LP leaders feel such non-disclosure is justified in order to keep the money coming in. I think it’s a mild form of fraud, and arguably at odds with the Non-Aggression Principle.

    I recall an exchange with Mark Hinkle when he and I were both on the LNC, and I argued that donors should be told how much of the money they give is going toward paying people commissions, how much is going to overhead, and his response was essentially to disagree with me on the grounds that if people knew this information, they would not donate.

    If we as Libertarian Party members are to keep the leadership honest and ensure that money is spent effectively, frugally, and fairly, we must demand transparency.


    *Organizers could likely increase participation somewhat by making arrangements for participants to stay with local Libertarians and save money on hotel rooms. Knowing how these things typically work however, I suspect they made some kind of deal with Comfort Inn Suites to sell a certain number of room nights there in exchange for unneeded meeting space (unneeded because LP headquarters is also listed as a location for the event, and I see no reason the entire event couldn’t be held there at zero cost except for having food brought in, which would likely be cheaper than catered meals at the Comfort Inn). If so, this would mean they’ve created a disincentive for themselves to help anyone attending the training find a cheaper place to stay. On the other hand, they may have done this in order to get free rooms to provide to the presenters in lieu of paying them to help with the training, i.e. the tradeoffs made may or may not be unreasonable, depending on the details.

    Bottom line is that organizers of events like this should be looking to get party members and donors the most bang for their bucks by being smart negotiators. For instance, extend the offer of being a presenter to more qualified people than are actually needed, and then select the ones who are willing to provide the service at the least cost to the organization, e.g. staying two to a room, etc.

    If we had a healthier Libertarian Party leadership culture, any compensation, in cash or otherwise, extended in such circumstances would be fully and forthrightly disclosed to the membership and others writing the checks, along with the process by which such compensation was offered. Organizers who did not take advantage of obvious opportunities to save the party money would face some healthy constructive critcism, and be less likely to be chosen to organize such events in the future, or given extra guidance or oversight. All this would help the party and the movement, increasing attendance at LP events by making them more affordable and making our budgets stretch further.

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