American Freedom Party Chapters Meet During October 2015

From the American Freedom Party website:

On October 15, AFP members from the Metro NJ/NY chapter recently met with friends from CofCC for food and friendship and discussed Party business and the new Bob Whitaker for President 2016 campaign.

The meeting was an opportunity for some members to catch up with one another as well as meet and greet new faces.

Several of us had leadership roles in the Merlin Miller 2012 campaign which was the Party’s first opportunity to have a member run for the highest office.

We focused on campaign strategies that have been effective for other Party candidates since our inception almost 5 years ago.

Bob’s campaign so far has primarily been focused on ballot access planning, mass robocalls by state (Idaho, Mississippi and Alabama), and social media promotion.

The focus of this campaign is to promote AFP as a viable alternative to the Republocrat monopoly of our political system that has not represented the collective interest of our people for the last half century.

AFP is always looking for members to consider running under the Party banner for any level of office.

36 thoughts on “American Freedom Party Chapters Meet During October 2015

  1. paulie

    If there was any danger of them taking power, I would be too. At the moment, I’m a lot more concerned about the slimeballs on the debate stage in Boulder tonight and the people financing them than this inconsequential bunch.

  2. Wang Tang-Fu

    The “American Freedom” Party is neither. European Fascist would be far more truthful.

  3. Losty

    And With the C of C C?
    The Group That Inspired the Terrorist/Murderer of Charleston?
    (Depending how strong you make it, Both work)
    My God.

  4. Losty


    You Can Not be serious.

    If we’re just talking top 2, Any Dem Over Any Republican (Other Than Larouchites, etc).


    These people I imagine Dream they ever have the power to turn the Ovens back on.

    There is bad Policy (Republican),

    And there is THAT.

    I wouldn’t vote for anyone on the stage in Boulder today… Except against this guy.
    I’d Vote For Carson Over Him.
    I’d Vote for You Over Him.
    I’d vote for a Literal Piece of Dung Over him.

    Yes, Godwin.

    But the Story Paulie Linked to, It doesn’t Break Godwin with that kind of tie in.

    I’m not the Perfect Libertarian, Or The Perfect any other party…Anything else…

    But Comparing ANY Sane candidate to someone who if they ever got enough power would do THAT?

  5. Jed Ziggler Post author

    The Democrats and Republicans have power, the AFP and all other alternative parties do not. The Democrats and Republicans have subverted democracy and shut out all voices of dissent. The AFP has not, they are among the voices being shut out. The Democrats and Republicans are my enemy. And until the system changes, we HAVE to fight them together. Disrupt and change the system, then I’ll bash the AFP, socialists, and communists all day and all night. I deplore racism, but racist minor parties are in no way our enemy, the racism that has been built into the system by two corrupt corporate behemoths is the real problem.

    Would I vote for racist Bob Whitaker over “sane” Democrats and Republicans, if he was my only alternative? You’re god damn right I would! Fuck the duopoly.

  6. Andy Craig


    I get that you’d cast a protest vote for them, but protest votes aren’t powerless. As we are fond of pointing out, a vote for a third-party candidate (who doesn’t win) is a very strong signal to the big-two about whose votes they need to be chasing after to get that marginal election-winning vote next time around.

    Posit, for example, the 1916 election. The only options on your ballot are Wilson (Democrat), Hughes (Republican), and Hanly (Prohibition.) You, using your logic, say any non-D/R is always the better protest vote, and punch a ballot for Prohibition.

    Three years later, Republicans and Democrats both driven by the perception that Prohibition was a spoiler in a a few key states in a very close election, pass and ratify the 18th Amendment despite the fact that it probably never had majority support in most states. Still a harmless they-have-no-power protest vote?

    I wouldn’t vote for neo-Nazis or Stalinists in a contested Dem vs. GOP race, because I’m not willing to send the message to the Dems and the GOP that “if you want my vote, be more like these guys.” Because I too value anti-duopoly, I will usually vote for the other larger alt-parties over D/R in a race with no Libertarian— but that’s not a blank check to any candidate on the ballot with anything other than a major-party label.

  7. NewFederalist

    Andy Craig- What is in your 1916 example above the choices were Wilson, Hughes and Benson instead of Hanly. Would THAT change anything for you?

  8. NewFederalist

    “is” should read “if” and Benson was the Socialist nominee instead of Debs that year.

  9. Andy Craig

    @ NF

    Not really, I was just ignoring other third-party candidates that year for the sake of simplicity. Benson did get more votes as a Socialist in 1916, but it was Prohibition’s high-performing states that were more significant to the Electoral College result. Not that the Socialist Party was without its (mostly negative) influence as well.

  10. Thor

    Charles Evan Hughes would probably have been a decent president. Certainly would have been better than an invalid.

  11. NewFederalist

    “Then who would you have cast a protest vote for?” – NewFederalist

    “Out of those four options, I may well have voted for Hughes.” – Andy Craig

    How does that differ from the lesser of two evils? I believe that was Jed’s original point.

  12. JT

    There is a lot of unwarranted hatred towards the American Freedom Party in these comments with no basis in reality. In reality this party is solidly in the Ron Paul tradition of American liberty and Constitutionalism.

  13. JT

    Your own website published the info as did many others. A bunch of anarcho-communists hacked the old website and emails back when it was called American Third Position and found that Ron Paul himself and many key Ron Paul organizers were closely involved. The racial views of American Founders are every bit as important to preserve as the rest of the legacy they bestowed us. None of it will be left if we don’t preserve our genetic heritage.

  14. Thane Eichenauer

    JT, there are plenty of people that make hostile and skeptical comments here at IPR. So long as other people are allowed to make replies in rebuttal I have faith that truth will win out. IPR has articles on all types of political parties. Personally I find that the comments and articles here at IPR are of such interesting variety and of general high quality that I would rather read about any given political party here than nearly any other web site. The worst fate of any political party is to be ignored and forgotten. Being the subject of hostile coverage or commentary may well be a springboard to people learning about American Freedom Party. If it has value and makes rational sense then I can only presume it will find people that read up on it and support it politically and financially. Naturally there is no guarantee of success. ¡Carpe diem!

  15. langa

    A bunch of anarcho-communists hacked the old website and emails back when it was called American Third Position and found that Ron Paul himself and many key Ron Paul organizers were closely involved.

    A complete lie.

  16. Caryn Ann Harlos

    ==The racial views of American Founders are every bit as important to preserve as the rest of the legacy they bestowed us. None of it will be left if we don’t preserve our genetic heritage.===

    What a massive display of disconnect. The “views” of any historical figure are important to preserve as “history.” Simply because one person did something one may admire in another area does not mean that everything that believed is admirable. Slave-holding is not admirable (though I have a sinking feeling you might think so).

    Person’s ideas have squat to do with “genetic heritage,” and genetic heritage has squat to do with politics even if someone cares about such things. Which I don’t.

  17. Thane Eichenauer

    Moi? Why shouldn’t I comment on this thread?

    I think that IPR is a great web site with great authors and great comments, by and large. I want to encourage all reasonable people to read the site and to participate by comments. I believe that 51% of humanity is good and that if those people of good will come together that humanity will benefit. I know full well that by choosing to support and comment favorably upon Augustus Sol Invictus that some people will choose to be skeptical and even hostile to me and my positions and my comments.

    If so, so be it.

  18. Caryn Ann Harlos

    My comment wasn’t intended to say you *shouldn’t*– it was to point out that it explains a great deal about your defense of Invictus.

    And yes, I agree on the site. This is a most unusual site that gives a diverse mixing point of all alternative parties, which is sorely needed.

    I posted on this one because I never heard of this Party. I like learning about new things, even if I find them completely contrary to everything I hold.

  19. Thane Eichenauer

    I would encourage and gently suggest that you not read too much into my commenting on this thread other than I think that all people, all parties and all ideas should be given a fair shake (preferably a vigorous shake). I have read a goodly amount (probably not as much as I should) about the American Freedom Party. I have read and listened to a goodly amount about Augustus Sol Invictus. There is plenty out there that I have yet to learn about both. Given the incredible inertia involved in reaching a functioning electoral party I have grave doubts that American Freedom Party will ever manage to reach that state. Here in Arizona there were only four parties with a printed ballot candidate for President in 2012, Green, Libertarian, Republican and Democrat. All others parties in my opinion really don’t electorally exist. If the Man doesn’t print your name and party affiliation on the ballot you probably aren’t real as far as electoral politics are concerned.

    Not to critique write-ins as I have qualified for the printed ballot via a write-in primary filing at least once in my life.

    Thank you for your followup comment. It goes to show me and others why I value IPR and continue to participate as a commenter here at IPR.

    Charles Jay, the Boston Tea Party nominee for president in 2008 was a registered write-in candidate in Arizona. The Man managed to count 16 votes for him here in Arizona. I hope that he feels that his investment in time and toil was worth it.

  20. Jed Ziggler Post author

    “Your own website published the info as did many others.”

    I publish a lot of things, much of which I disagree with. The AFP has nothing to do with “liberty”. Being against the free migration of people and equal marriage rights is about as anti-liberty as you can get. Why hide what the AFP really is? Do the Socialists try to claim they’re capitalists? Do Prohibitionists claim to be a bunch of crunk party animals? Don’t say the AFP is a party for “Freedom” or “liberty”. The AFP is the sole electoral voice for neo-Nazis. Why hide it?

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