Eric Ostermeier: How Big a Footprint Will Drew Curtis Leave on Kentucky’s Gubernatorial Race?

Drew Curtis

From Dr. Eric Ostermeier at Smart Politics:

Curtis, founder and CEO of the news aggregator website Fark, has polled in the mid- to high single digits in the scant three-way surveys that have been conducted of the race to date. The independent candidate hopes to build on those numbers after being allowed to participate in a debate (to favorable reviews) with the major party nominees held in Louisville earlier this month.

To be sure, a close race on Election Day between Conway and Bevin will magnify Curtis’ impact on the race – particularly if his vote percentage is within the margin of victory by either candidate.

But how much of the vote share can Curtis actually take on November 3rd?

The fact is independent and third party candidates have struggled mightily over the last century in gubernatorial races in the Bluegrass State.

Smart Politics analyzed the state’s election returns and found that only two of 19 non-major party Kentucky candidates for governor have garnered even one percent of the vote over the last 100 years – former Governor Happy Chandler (1971) and Gatewood Galbraith (1999, 2011).

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