Libertarian Star Wars Special: “May the Market Farces Be With You!”

Star Wars Lilbertarian Special

From, just in time for the Holidays to save the economy planet. Written by Austin Bragg, Producer for; Meredith Bragg Managing Editor of Reason TV; and Andrew Heaton, host of EconPop. Starring a highly trained cloned trooper, Austin Bragg, Andrew Heaton, Senator Revan Paul, Trade Federation Cultural Sensitivity Training, Edward Snowden, Chewbacca as Milton Friedman,  Jabba the Trump,  an MSNBC discussion of: “But who would build the Death Star without the government?”, the Wookie Medal Eligibility Bill, the audit of the “Imperial Reserve,” a woman kissing her own brother slippery slope, risk/reward relationships in the economics of war time interstellar travel, and the debate on Mandatory Droid Registration.  Includes references to prior productions of, “The Fault in our Death Stars” and “Free to Chewbacca: A Personal Statement.”

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4 thoughts on “Libertarian Star Wars Special: “May the Market Farces Be With You!”

  1. Stephen V. Geddes

    Hmmm–enjoyable, in a way-out way. (what else can I say, Joe? should I indicate a relationship to avoid castigation by the SW promo society?) Tried to Like ya, but only card-carrying, password totin’ wordpressers seem to be allowed. Thanks for the free pass to the show.

  2. paulie

    First comment anyone leaves has to be approved by an editor. After that you should be home free if you use the same screen name and email in the form. I raised the links per comment from 2 up to 5 before that triggers moderation.

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